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VAM2 SL, Specialized E Mountain Bike with Superior Qualities


The world of the best electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) is constantly evolving, with manufacturers striking a balance between power and weight to create a natural riding experience for all, regardless of gender or age. Keeping this new approach in mind, the German bike company Focus has launched its specialized e mountain bike, the new VAM2 SL, a lightweight e-MTB that offers impressive performance without sacrificing flexibility.

Lightweight Performance with Specialized E Mountain Bike

Unlike lightweight e-MTBs that lean heavily on motor power, the VAM2 SL prioritizes a natural pedal feel. This is achieved through a combination of factors:

Lightweight Construction: 

The frame is made of carbon fiber, making the entire bike remarkably light. Depending on the configuration, it weighs 16 to 19 kilograms (35 to 41 pounds), only slightly heavier than a typical non-electric mountain bike.

Premium Components: 

Focus equips the VAM2 SL with high-quality components, contributing to a smooth and responsive ride. Top-of-the-line models feature Fox suspension and SRAM X0 drivetrains for exceptional performance.

Compact Motor: 

The heart of the VAM2 SL lies in the Fazua Ride 60 motor. This compact and efficient motor offers 60 Nm of torque and assistance up to 25 kilometers per hour (15 mph). This allows riders to conserve energy on climbs while maintaining a natural pedaling experience.

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Key Features of VAM2 SL

Some of the key features of VAM2 SL, the best lightweight E-mountain bike, are as follows:

  • Lightweight Carbon Frame: The foundation of the bike’s impressive weight savings.
  • Fazua Ride 60 Motor: Provides a natural-feeling pedal that assists with 60 Nm of torque.
  • 430 Wh Battery with Optional Range Extender: Offers ample range, further enhanced by the bike’s lightweight design. An additional 210 Wh range extender is available for riders seeking even more mileage.
  • Multiple Support Modes: Riders can choose from three support modes and a “boost” function for customized power delivery. The Fazua app allows for further personalization of settings.
  • High-End Components (on Top Models): Top-tier models have Fox suspension with Kashima coating and SRAM X0 12-speed drivetrains for exceptional performance.

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Pricing of VAM2 SL Specialized E Mountain Bike

The Focus VAM2 SL caters to a range of budgets. Prices start at a relatively affordable 5,799 euros (USD 6,260) for models equipped with Shimano and SR Suntour components. High-end versions featuring Fox suspension and SRAM X0 drivetrains reach a steeper price point of 10,999 euros (USD 11,875).

Component LevelPrice (EUR)Price (USD)
Shimano & SR Suntour Components5,7996,260
Mid-Range (Unspecified Components)Not AvailableNot Available
Top-Tier (Fox Suspension, SRAM X0 Drivetrain)10,99911,875

The VAM2 SL, the specialized E mountain bike, represents a welcome addition to the market, offering a lightweight and responsive option for riders who prioritize a natural riding experience without sacrificing power when needed.

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