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New Van Rysel Bikes By Decathlon | Entering E-Gravel Field


One of the most prominent French sporting goods companies, Decathlon, is making waves in the electric bike market with its new line of Van Rysel bikes. These gravel e-bikes, designed for tackling paved and unpaved roads, have impressive specs and competitive pricing, potentially shaking up the established B-tier segment.

About Decathlon

Decathlon is driven by the mission to make sports accessible for all. It offers a massive variety of high-quality, budget-friendly equipment across its brands in over 2,000 stores worldwide. More than just a retailer, they build communities, encourage participation through events, and prioritize sustainability, making them a global leader in pushing the industry towards affordability and inclusivity.

Recognizing the growing potential of e-gravel bikes, Decathlon is strategically expanding into this exciting market segment with its new Van Rysel bikes E-GRVL lineup. These bikes are for budget-conscious and performance-oriented riders, offering two unique models: the E-GRVL AF MD and the E-GRVL AF X30.

Gravel Bikes are Off-Road Hybrids Gaining Traction

The gravel bike craze has remained strong with its recent updates. These versatile machines contain the comfort and speed of road bikes with the ruggedness and capability of mountain bikes, allowing riders to explore diverse terrains easily. However, electric gravel bikes are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking to extend their adventures or conquer challenging hills with less effort.

Power of Decathlon’s Van Rysel Bikes AF MD

The E-GRVL AF MD, the base model in the Decathlon bikes’ lineup, is full of a mid-mounted Brose Drive T Mag motor offering 250 watts of nominal power and a heavy 70 Nm of torque. This, coupled with a 400-Wh battery, promises ample assistance for handling inclines and extending rides.

But the E-GRVL AF MD’s appeal goes beyond its motor. Decathlon has equipped it with high-quality components, including a 12-speed Sram Apex drivetrain, Michelin Power Gravel tires, and a lightweight carbon fiber fork. While the frame is constructed from aluminum, the bike weighs in at a respectable 39.7 lbs, making it surprisingly quick for its power.

The Premium Option of Van Rysel Bikes E-GRVL AF X30

For riders seeking more refined performance and cutting-edge components, the E-GRVL AF X30 offers an attractive upgrade. While details like exact pricing and availability remain hidden, the bike’s specs suggest it will compete favorably with higher-end e-gravel options.

The X30 sheds weight compared to the MD, tipping the scales at just 30.8 lbs. This is partly thanks to the use of a lighter and more responsive rear hub motor – the German-built Mahle X35 – which delivers 250 watts of power and 35 Nm of torque. The motor has a built-in torque sensor and three assistance levels, offering a more natural riding experience.

Beyond the motor, the X30 boasts top-tier components like a Sram XPLR drivetrain, Sram brakes, and Hutchinson Touareg gravel tires, further solidifying its premium status.

 Value, Global Reach and Decathlon’s Competitive Edge

While Decathlon might have a different brand recognition than established bike makers, it has a distinct advantage: affordability. The E-GRVL AF MD’s estimated price of $3,800 USD undercuts many competitors, offering comparable performance at a budget-friendly price point.

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Furthermore, Decathlon Bike’s extensive global reach, with stores in over 60 countries, positions it to potentially disrupt the e-gravel market on a large scale. The company’s commitment to in-house design and manufacturing also allows for tighter control over production costs, contributing to its competitive pricing strategy.

With its new Van Rysel bikes, Decathlon has thrown its name into the e-gravel field, offering compelling options for budget-conscious and performance-oriented riders. The bikes’ impressive specs, competitive pricing, and Decathlon bike’s global reach suggest they have the potential to shake up the market and make e-gravel adventures more accessible to a broader audience. With additional details on pricing and availability, the cycling world eagerly awaits to see how these new contenders perform on the road (and off-road).

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