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Ride1UP CF Racer1 Bike with High Performance & Low Price


Forget the enormous prices of most high-end electric bikes. Ride1Up is normalizing premium e-biking with the CF Racer1 bike for everyone, a carbon fiber masterpiece that delivers high performance without the hefty price tags. Starting with only $2,195 (launch price), the CF Racer1 breaks the myth that top-tier e-biking is reserved for the rich only.

Carbon Fiber Frame

The CF Racer1’s real power lies in its sleek, ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame—this unique design of engineering scales at only 27.4 pounds (road version). Imagine the effortless climbs and light handling – a dream come true for road enthusiasts. Hidden wiring and electronics further elevate the bike’s aesthetic style, leaving clean, sophisticated features.

Power and Efficiency of CF racer1 Bike

No compromises were made by Ride1UP, on the CF Racer1’s drivetrain. Crisp 11-speed shifting and powerful hydraulic brakes ensure the gear changes smoothly and give the rider confidence in any terrain. Whether navigating city streets or conquering stony trails, it delivers precision and confidence with every pedal stroke.

This 250W model packs a 42 Nm torque boost, propelling you forward with surprising speed. The power likely exceeds its continuous rating, meaning the CF Racer1 bike has more hidden capabilities than meets the eye. It can effortlessly ride at speeds up to 28 mph (45 km/h) – a testament to this motor’s hidden potential.

Separate Functioning Modes

Plan your ride to your terrain with the CF Racer1’s two distinct personalities: road and gravel. The road version boosts Schwalbe E-One tires for smooth rolling, while the gravel variant boosts Continental Terra Trail tires for adventurous off-road drives. No matter your preference, the CF Racer1 bike delivers a thrilling, personalized experience for each rider.

The pedal-assist mode can take the rider far, with the CF Racer1 boasting up to 40 miles of range on a single charge. Ride1UP’s marvelous range extender battery snaps easily into the water bottle holder, doubling the capacity and leaving range anxiety in the dust.

Competing e-Bikes Test

During a test for the most efficient e-biking experience, several features like motor power, range and price were examined. RideUp CF Racer1 bike won over each of its competitors.

cf racer 1 comparison

About Ride1UP

Ride1UP is a rising star in the e-bike world, offering high-quality, minimalist bikes at budget-friendly prices. Their direct-to-consumer model cuts out retail markups, while their powerful motors and long ranges make them ideal for everyday use. Though limited customization and assembly needs exist, Ride1UP earns praise for performance and customer service. 

The Ride1UP CF Racer1 bike is more than just an e-bike; it’s a revolution. It shatters the price barrier to high-performance e-biking, making the dream of carbon fiber and exciting rides accessible to a broader audience. With its incredible value proposition, powerful performance, and undeniable quality, the CF Racer1 is undoubtedly a game-changer for the e-bike market.

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