Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Iso UNO-X Best Electric Scooter: Giken & Telenor Teams Up


In the fast-moving world of Electric Vehicles (EVs), Giken Mobility has emerged as an essential player in Southeast Asia’s electric mobility sector. Partnering with Telenor IoT, they aim to redefine the electric scooter experience, strongly emphasizing connectivity to enhance micro-mobility and rider satisfaction.

Why is Telenor IoT the First Choice for Connectivity?

Telenor IoT, a leading player in the IoT world, has played an essential role in this collaboration. With over 20 million active IoT SIMs and more than 20 years of experience, Telenor IoT has, time after time, proven its reliability. Their connectivity solutions and business-minded approach have contributed as primary factors to the success of Giken Mobility’s vision for connected micro-mobility.

The Iso Mobility

With its roots tracing back to 1939, Iso Mobility has a rich history in Italy’s industrial evolution. After a transformative journey, the brand has experienced a renewal, particularly under the collaboration between Giken Mobility and the visionary entrepreneur Ferruccio Lamborghini. The focus has shifted to new evolving technology, with electric scooters becoming the symbol of Iso Mobility’s renewal.

Challenges in the EV Market

Consumer demands for connectivity, safety, and environmental sustainability dynamically shape the electric vehicle market. In the vast Southeast Asian motorcycle market, where technological advancements are embraced, Giken identified a need for advanced connectivity solutions to promote their electric scooters.

Leveraging Telenor IoT’s Expertise 

Recognizing the need for a strong IoT connectivity partner, Giken Mobility partnered with Telenor IoT. The Iso UNO-X now boasts embedded SIM technology, a 7-inch digital dashboard, and a cloud station that forms the “Mio Iso” application. This application provides real-time insights, creating a unique user experience by utilizing Telenor IoT’s latest connectivity technology.

Transforming Iso UNO-X Electric Scooter

The collaboration between Giken Mobility and Telenor IoT has transformed the Iso UNO-X into a connected and smart electric scooter. It includes features such as battery level monitoring, GPS location tracking, and remote vehicle alarm triggers that enhance safety and offer a stress-free riding experience. The connectivity allows Giken Mobility to gather valuable data, enabling continuous motorcycle design and development innovation. 

Convenience Through IoT

The combination of advanced sensors and connectivity enables real-time data exchange between Iso scooters and in-house systems. This prioritizes safety and empowers riders with critical insights for informed decision-making on the road. IoT brings convenience through remote vehicle management and diagnostics, providing riders with peace of mind and uninterrupted riding pleasure. 

With Giken Mobility’s commitment to sustainability and innovation and Telenor IoT’s technological strength, this partnership has introduced exceptional electric scooters to the market and laid the foundation for a new era of connected micro-mobility solutions.

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