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Local NGO Uses Latest Tech To Save Injured Camel in Sanghar


A recent tragedy in Pakistan’s Sanghar district’s Mundh Jamrao village highlighted the need for animal care. Cammie, a young camel, was subjected to unspeakable brutality when the farm owner chopped off its leg just to enter his property. Thankfully, the latest technology and dedicated community came together to help this injured camel in Sanghar.

The CDRS Benji Project Karachi Shelter, a local NGO, stepped in to offer the camel urgent medical care. News of the incident quickly spread on social media, alarming animal rights groups all around the world. The public rallied to support this venture of saving Cammie and are happily donating money to employ cutting-edge technology to get the best possible treatment for Cammie. 

Technology for Animal Welfare

Qurat-ul-ain Marri, a well-known politician, is collaborating with this NGO and a private company specializing in prosthetic limbs. She is also seeking advice from a Dubai-based corporation with experience in camel prostheses. This collaborative initiative demonstrates how technology can overcome geographical barriers and give access to expert animal care wherever needed.

Details on Injured Camel in Sanghar

To clarify, the widely shared image of a man holding a camel’s leg showed Cammie’s owner at a news conference, not the person who caused the injury. The owner is unwilling to pursue legal action, but gained compensation for Cammie, allowing the CDRS Benji Project Karachi Shelter to take control of her care.

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The shelter staff is committed to giving Cammie all she needs for a pain-free recovery. The custom-made prosthetic leg will allow Cammie to regain mobility and adjust to her new life. This unique story demonstrates the power of a strong community and technology in bringing positive change to animals in need. The efforts of everyone involved in protecting and saving this injured camel in Sanghar are admirable. 

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