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Automotive World Tokyo 2024: A Look into Future of Mobility


The Automotive World Tokyo 2024, held from January 24th to 26th, was an innovative platform showcasing cutting-edge automotive technologies and innovations. From electrifying concepts to advancements in autonomous driving, the event was filled with excitement as industry leaders revealed their visions for the future of mobility.

A Spotlight on Electric Vehicles (EVs)

The undeniable focus of the event was on electric vehicles like Xiaomi EV, with significant automobile manufacturers showcasing their latest offerings and prototypes. Here are some of the most noteworthy EV highlights of the event:

  • Nissan IMx Multi-Purpose Concept: This versatile concept car has a spacious, lounge-like interior and advanced autonomous driving capabilities, envisioning a future of shared mobility.
  • Honda Prologue: This sleek SUV, co-developed with General Motors, hints at Honda’s future EV design language and commitment to electrification.
  • Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra: These jointly developed SUVs mark Toyota’s and Subaru’s move into the mass-market EV segment, offering practical and stylish options for eco-conscious drivers.
Subaru Solterra

Autonomous Driving Becomes the Future

Autonomous driving technology was another central theme, with several companies showcasing their progress and partnerships like:

  • Sony and Honda’s Afeela Prototype: This self-driving sedan embodies the collaboration between tech giant Sony and automotive powerhouse Honda, aiming to redefine the in-car experience with advanced entertainment and safety features.
  • Aurora Technologies’ Aurora Driver: This self-driving system is being integrated into Toyota Sienna minivans for testing purposes, marking a significant step towards commercialization.
Aurora Technologies' Aurora Driver, Tokyo Automotive World 2024
Aurora Technologies’ Aurora Driver

Sustainable Mobility Solutions

The event also highlighted the inreasing importance of sustainable mobility solutions like bikes, with several companies presenting eco-friendly technologies:

  • Yamaha e-Vino Motorbike: This stylish and practical electric motorbike offers an emissions-free alternative for urban commuting.
Yamaha e-Vino Motorbike, Tokyo Automotive World 2024
Yamaha e-Vino Motorbike
  • Bridgestone Enliten Tires: These innovative tires reduce rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency, reducing vehicle emissions.

Opportunity for Startups

Beyond the established big names, several startups and smaller companies showcased their innovative ideas:

  • Saku Future Mobility’s SkyDrive Flying Car: This eye-catching prototype automaker had the potential of a personal air vehicle, though it remains in the early stages of development.
  • Piëch Automotive’s Mark Zero: This performance-oriented EV from a new Swiss auto has a bold design and impressive manufacturing.

Lasting Impression of Automotive World Tokyo 2024

The Tokyo Automotive World 2024 was a huge success, showcasing the industry’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Attendees were impressed by the wide range of EVs, advancements in autonomous driving, and the focus on eco-friendly solutions. While some concepts remain in their early stages, the event provided a unique glimpse into the exciting future of mobility.

The Automotive World Tokyo 2024 served as a testament to the innovation of the automotive industry. With its focus on electrification, autonomous driving, and sustainable solutions, the event offered a glimpse into the future of mobility, leaving attendees excited and anticipating what’s coming. Stay tuned for more amazing inventions in the next 17th Automotive World 2025 update.

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