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Xiaomi EV SU7, First Electric Vehicle Introduced by Xiaomi


Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone company, has recently introduced its first-ever electrical vehicle, Xiaomi EV SU7, to enter the EV market. It got huge applause and is the most attention-seeking vehicle of the month due to its unique, innovative and competitive features in the market.

Xiaomi Corporation

Xiaomi Corporation, commonly known as Xiaomi, is a Chinese multinational electronic company founded in 2010 by well-known entrepreneur Lie Jun. Headquartered in Beijing, Xiaomi is a prominent consumer electronics and technology player. Known for its innovative approach, Xiaomi uses a direct-to-consumer business model, often selling its products online. 

Xiaomi has expanded its wings and is ready to manufacture EVs from China. The Xiaomi EV SU7 car is available in 3 versions, and production is expected to begin in December 2023.

Technical specifications of Xiaomi EV SU7

Xiaomi’s electric vehicle has received applause due to its innovative and recent technological specifications, leading customers to fall for it quickly. It has the dimensions of 4997/1963/1455mm, and its wheelbase is 3000mm; not only this, but it’s also a comfort zone for the riders because of its mighty space and unique design. Consumers can seek benefits from it by selecting between one or two-wheel options: 19 inches and 20 inches, respectively. The tires have specifications of 245/45 R19 and 245/40 R20, respectively, making it the most comfortable vehicle in the market.

The Powertrain of Xiaomi EV

It is dual in its functions, and not surprisingly, Xiaomi EV SU7 has two variants in powertrain, which is Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) having a 220 kW motor and an all-wheel drive option (AWD) with a maximum power output of 495kW in total. Now, the Xiaomi EV has two battery options to cater to customers’ needs and a reasonable budget. The first is an LFT battery pack from BYD for regular trim, and the second is the turnery NMC battery pack for CATL for the higher-end model.

The Features of Xiaomi EV SU7

The Xiaomi EV has its place by having unique features and best functions that enhance the driving experience and the user’s convenience. The Sedan, a substantial role-playing company, has modified it by installing a face recognition camera, quickly unlocking it and reducing security issues. The camera is installed on the B pillar of the vehicle. The electric motor model TZ220XS000, manufactured by United Automotive Electronics Co.LTD, also ensures its smooth and efficient operation.

xiaomi ev su7

The Xiaomi EV got its name by having the functionality of paying toll taxes without disrupting the rider’s journey, which is the most lovable feature of the vehicle. Furthermore, Xiaomi’s operation HyperOS powers the SU7’s in-car system, providing a hidden and smooth interface for both the smartphone and the cars.

Production & Availability of Xiaomi EV SU7

The enormous number of Xiaomi EV SU7s will be initiated in December 2023, and not only that, but the deliveries of this technical electric vehicle will commence in February, exactly two months after its production. To ensure the customers’ trust and meet the new technology of this modern era, Xiaomi has already done its trial production in the BAIC office in Beijing, China, with many vehicles already showcasing their functionality and uniqueness on the ramp.

By taking its step forward in the market, the Xiaomi EV SU7 car will surprise the people by starting a competition among its rivals with its unique features. The sleek design, innovative technology and different characteristics will make Xiaomi a market leader and rank it on top among the others. Furthermore, it will boost the market rate and give other companies a tough time. In addition to revolutionizing the electric vehicle market, Xiaomi’s commitment to sustainability is evident through incorporating eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing process. This eco-conscious approach aligns with global environmental goals and reflects Xiaomi’s dedication to creating a greener future for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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