Friday, July 19, 2024

WeRide Robotaxi Service Booms Driverless Transportation!


In a leap to an enhanced robotic future for the autonomous driving industry, the WeRide Robotaxi service has received approval from the Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Policy Pilot Zone to launch a paid taxi service of fully driverless Robotaxis in Yizhuang, Beijing. 


WeRide is a leading global autonomous driving technology company that develops and operates advanced self driving vehicles. It was founded in 2017, and has made significant steps in autonomous driving technology.

WeRide Go App

This is an essential step for the autonomous driving industry, as WeRide has become the first company to offer driverless Robotaxi rides to the public in China’s capital city. Passengers can hail a WeRide Robotaxi service through the WeRide Go app and enjoy driverless rides within the designated area, which covers popular destinations such as subway stations, residential areas, office and industrial parks, etc. WeRide has a proven track record of safe, secure and reliable Robotaxi operations, with over 1,400 days of commercial service without significant accidents.

Initiating Autonomous Driving

WeRide Robotaxi service has established itself as a pioneer in autonomous driving technology, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

  • In November 2018, the company revealed China’s first Robotaxi, taking the first step in developing self-driving vehicles
  • Building upon this success, WeRide became the first company to launch a commercial robotaxi service in Guangzhou in 2019, displaying the practicality and viability of autonomous driving technology.
  • Expanding its global reach, WeRide partnered with Bayanat in Abu Dhabi to introduce WeRide Robotaxi services in November 2021, improving its position as a leader in international autonomous driving. 
  • In July 2023, WeRide’s commitment to innovation was recognized when it secured the UAE’s first national-level driverless test license, granting the company the authority to conduct autonomous driving tests on public roads nationwide. 

Future Plans

WeRide has remained steadfast in its mission to expand its Robotaxi services and promote a broader autonomous driving ecosystem. To enhance the accessibility and convenience of its WeRide Robotaxi services, the company plans to increase the number of Robotaxis operations and add more popular pick-up and drop-off stops availability. This expansion will meet a broader range of users and ensure that Robotaxi services are readily available to meet everyone’s transportation needs.

WeRide is also planning to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles, including Robobus, Robosweeper, and Robovan. These specialized vehicles will serve distinct purposes, providing a global transportation solution that addresses the needs of public transportation, urban sanitation, and logistics. 

WeRide Robotaxi Service in Beijing

WeRide Robotaxi service’s approval to operate fully driverless Robotaxi in Beijing is an important milestone demonstrating the company’s technological progress and commitment to providing safe, reliable, and convenient autonomous driving solutions in the city.

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