Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Volkswagen Transporter Vans to Launch in Spring 2024


The new Volkswagen Transporter vans lineup showcases a significant leap forward as the company embraces electrification, particularly of their mid-size Transporter family. This news brings both excitement and a touch of bittersweet longing for a California campervan dream that might not materialize soon.

Bulli Lineup

Volkswagen calls it the “Bulli” lineup, encompassing the following three models: 

  1. T7 generation of Multivan (MQB platform)
  2. ID.Buzz (MEB platform)
  3. Transporter (Transit Custom platform)

Delay on California Campervan

Volkswagen has sadly delayed the ID.Buzz California campervan due to “excess weight” issues. European driver’s license restrictions seemed to play a role, but the real culprit likely lies in its payload limitations. The Buzz’s 1,200-pound capacity simply wouldn’t be sufficient for a fully equipped camper conversion.

Electric Transporter

As businesses find sustainable solutions, the new Volkswagen Transporter vans emerge as a compelling alternative to traditional fuel-powered models. Panel van, Kombi, dropside, and Caravelle variants will all get an electric option, sharing a platform with the Ford E-Transit Custom and expecting a 74kWh battery for around 230 miles and a 217hp punch. It’s not a big mind-blowing spec for a utility van. Still, it’s a solid step towards electric mobility in the commercial sector, with nearly double the capacity of the ID.Buzz, the Transporter EV platform, could be the key to VW’s success. Its 2,400-pound payload offers far more flexibility for camper conversions. 

New Volkswagen Transporter Vans Time & Challenges

Volkswagen plans to switch to its own dedicated EV van platform in 2028, making this Ford collaboration a temporary partnership. While the new Volkswagen Transporter vans EV platform offers attractive possibilities, it is safe to say that the California dream on the consumer side likely remains years away. Charging infrastructure remains a significant challenge for widespread electric van adoption. Additionally, payload limitations and ensuring sufficient workspace for drivers are important considerations. Addressing these challenges will be essential for new Volkswagen Transporter vans to be fully launched in the commercial market.

This is an essential step towards VW’s electric van future. The dedicated EV platform in 2028 holds great promise, and the new Volkswagen Transporter vans EV will inspire some creative camper conversions. The California dream might be on hold, but the future of electric Volkswagen Transporter vehicles seems bright and promising.

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