Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Future of UK Automotive Industry with Sustainability!


Change is on the way for the future of UK automotive industry as it embarks on the journey of sustainability and innovation. The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) and the Automotive Council have begun a transformative journey. With the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles on the horizon, the industry is critical, and the APC is leading the charge toward a greener, net-zero future.

Decade of Progress in Shaping the Industry’s Path

The APC has carefully crafted technology roadmaps for over ten years in collaboration with the Automotive Council. These roadmaps are not just blueprints but guiding stars, shaping discussions and investments globally. Since their foundation in 2013, these documents have become vital references, directing the industry’s evolution.

Time for Reflection and Unity

As the 2030 deadline approaches, the industry faces many changes. The APC has initiated a comprehensive roadmap review, ensuring alignment with the industry’s shift to zero-emission platforms. This venture demands collaboration from every sector: manufacturers, academia, policy bodies, and the R&D community. Together, they address challenges, promote dialogue, and seek shared solutions.

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Vision For Tailpipe Emissions

Zero emissions extend far beyond tailpipes. The entire industry value chain is under study, from material extraction to vehicle disposal. The APC’s focus spans from traditional vehicles to emerging trends like micro-mobility. Key technologies, including fuel cell systems, lightweight vehicles, power electronics, and electrical energy storage, are being reevaluated, aligning with cross-cutting themes like digitalization, circular economy, and energy infrastructure.

Future Of UK Automotive Industry

Innovation excels in collaboration. The APC needs industry stakeholders to invest their time and expertise over the next 18 months. These collective efforts will shape the future of UK automotive industry, guiding investments, skills development, and manufacturing strategies. The roadmaps, set for finalization by September 2024, are not only documents but pathways toward a thriving, competitive UK automotive industry. The race to net zero is a collective journey, and together, the industry accelerates toward a greener, sustainable tomorrow.

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