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540 MW Floating Wind-Solar Plant In Italy For Sustainability


Three partners unite to advance renewable energy by developing a 540-megawatt (MW) hybrid floating wind-solar plant in Italy featuring 28 floating wind turbines. This project, named the Corigliano project, will be located in the Ionian Sea, off the southern coast of Italy near Corigliano-Rossano in Calabria.

Collaboration of Expertise

The development of the Corigliano project is a collaborative effort between three key players:

  1. SolarDuck

A Dutch-Norwegian company specializing in offshore solar solutions. Their expertise lies in designing and building elevated solar platforms made from robust, offshore-grade aluminium. These platforms are designed to withstand challenging weather conditions by sitting 10 feet (3 meters) above the water, minimizing the impact of salt deposits on the solar panels.

  1. Arrow Capital

An Italian investment fund committed to driving sustainable infrastructure projects.

  1. New Developments

An Italian developer with a strong track record in renewable energy projects.

Innovative Design for Optimal Performance

The Corigliano project will utilize innovative technologies to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact:

SolarDuck’s unique design features modular triangular platforms that can be easily connected to form large, scalable solar farms. This modularity allows flexibility in adapting to different project needs and site conditions.

The platforms are equipped with slip-resistant walkways and fences for safe and efficient access for maintenance personnel, ensuring the smooth operation of the solar panels.

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Powerful Combination of Wind-Solar Plant in Italy

The Corigliano project will be a hybrid, combining two powerful renewable energy sources:

420 MW of Offshore Wind: 

This significant wind power capacity will utilize the consistent winds of the Ionian Sea, generating a substantial amount of clean energy.

120 MW of Floating Solar: 

While details regarding the specific wind turbines are yet to be revealed, the project will integrate 120 MW of floating solar panels, contributing additional clean energy generation.

Looking Forward to a Sustainable Future

The Corigliano project is expected to be operational by 2028, marking a significant milestone in Italy’s journey towards a more cleaner and sustainable future. This project not only holds the potential to majorly contribute to Italy’s renewable energy goals but also serves as a testament to the innovative solutions emerging in the field. 

Additionally, SolarDuck is actively involved in furthering the development of offshore renewable energy:

  • Pilot Project in the North Sea: They are currently running a pilot project in the North Sea, collaborating with multinational energy company RWE, to test their floating solar technology on a smaller scale.
  • Japan’s First Offshore Floating Wind Farm: SolarDuck has also secured funding and is set to contribute to constructing Japan’s first offshore floating wind farm, further solidifying its global presence in the field.

The Corigliano project to develop a wind-solar plant in Italy is a significant undertaking that showcases the potential of hybrid floating farms. By combining innovative technology with a collaborative approach, this project paves the way for a more sustainable future powered by clean energy.

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