Thursday, April 18, 2024

Walmart and Outlier Ventures Ready to Launch 5 New Startups


In an unexpected collaboration, Walmart, Store Nº8 has partnered with Outlier Ventures to launch Store Nº8 Base Camp, an advanced Web 3.0 accelerator program. Over 12 weeks, this Walmart and Outlier Ventures virtual incubator has brought together a diverse range of startups from the -U.S., Italy, Poland, and the U.K., all focused on evolving web 3.0 marketing, advertising, and revolutionary payment methods.

Redefining Commerce through Web 3.0

Store Nº8 Base Camp is on a mission to transform the retail and commerce landscape by using the potential of decentralized solutions. These startups are dedicated to simplifying Web 3.0 advertising, automating payout infrastructure, enhancing Web 3.0 marketing, and offering advanced analytics for Web 3.0 growth.

Connecting Real and Virtual Worlds with Walmart and Outlier Ventures

At the core of Web 3.0 lies the ability to smoothly connect virtual and physical realities. Using Web 3.0 technologies, customers can effortlessly transition between digital and real-world shopping experiences, creating a blend of virtual products.

Introduction to the Innovators

Walmart and Outlier Ventures have introduced the following new startups together to emerge in the new world of ever-evolving Connectivity.


Introducing user-friendly Web 3.0 advertising, HypeLab offers a smooth platform for businesses to engage Web 3.0 users. Their self-service advertiser portal and software development kit simplifies ad integration, ensuring a smooth experience for companies seeking hassle-free advertising solutions.


Transforming payout infrastructure, Reveel provides startups with a solid on-chain payout solution. Their multi-chain-friendly ecosystem and customizable payment flow ensure efficient revenue management and streamlined payout processes. 

Tide Protocol: 

Empowering web 3.0 startups with customized marketing solutions, Tide Protocol introduces versatile marketing and analytics solutions. Powered by Polygon Studios, these solutions enable startups to craft tailored campaigns without delving into detailed coding. 


Focused on analytics, Tokenguard supports the growing track of Web 3.0 projects. With its powerful analytics platform and decentralized applications, Tokenguard offers valuable insights to authorize startups to make informed, data-driven decisions. 


Simplifying cross-border payments in the Web 3.0 space, Unblock’s API infrastructure facilitates effortless transactions. By eliminating KYC complexities, businesses can engage in swift, compliant transactions.

Shaping the Future Commerce

The Store Nº8 Base Camp initiative represents an exemplary shift in commerce. By empowering startups with web 3.0 capabilities, Walmart and Outlier Ventures enhance customer experiences and challenge traditional commerce models. Supported by industry giants like Walmart and Outlier Ventures, these startups are assured to redefine online commerce.

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