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New Samsung Smart Ring: Features, Availability, Price and AI


Samsung recently revealed its newest venture into the wearable tech scene: the Galaxy Samsung Smart Ring. This smart ring, aimed at promoting health and wellness, joins Samsung’s existing lineup of smartphones and smartwatches, offering users a wider range of options for health data tracking.

Samsung Smart Ring Features

The Galaxy Ring has various features that provide users with comprehensive insights into their health and well-being. Here’s a closer look:

Health Tracking: The Galaxy Ring has sensors capable of monitoring various health metrics, including heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep patterns (including sleep duration and time to fall asleep), and movement during sleep.

Vitality Score: The ring will generate a “vitality score,” combining physical and mental readiness data, offering users an insight into their overall well-being and potential productivity.

Samsung Health App Included: All collected data will be accessible through the Samsung Health app, providing a central hub for monitoring and analyzing health information.

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Samsung Smart Ring Price, Availability, and Future Plans

While the Galaxy Ring prioritizes health and fitness tracking, Samsung also hints at future possibilities:

  • Release Date: While a specific release date hasn’t been announced, Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Ring will be available for purchase sometime in 2024. 
  • Samsung Smart Ring Price: The company has also yet to reveal the pricing information, but it is expected to be higher than Oura Rings.
  • Additional Features: Samsung hinted at the possibility of future updates introducing features like contactless payment capabilities similar to those found on smartphones.
  • Non-invasive Health Monitoring: The company is actively exploring developing non-invasive technologies for glucose monitoring and blood pressure sensing through its wearable devices.
  • Expanding Product Portfolio: The Galaxy Ring represents Samsung’s latest addition to its health-focused product portfolio, which already includes smartphones and smartwatches.
  • User Choice and Data Insights: Hon Pak, head of the digital health team at Samsung, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing users with diverse options for wearable health trackers. He also highlighted the potential for users wearing the Galaxy Ring and a smartwatch to gain even more comprehensive health insights.

Competition in the Field of Wearables

Standing Out in the Market: Samsung is one of many smart ring companies facing competition from established players like Oura.

Sensors in Future Smartphones: While Samsung removed health sensors from their latest flagship smartphones, we don’t rule out the possibility of their return in future models.

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AI-powered Health Coaching

Samsung views artificial intelligence (AI) as a critical driver in the future of health management. Pak discussed how AI can play a crucial role in analyzing the vast data collected by various devices, providing users with more profound and personalized health insights.

Leveraging AI for Deeper Insights: He envisions an AI “coach” capable of providing personalized, actionable insights based on a user’s health information.

Large Language Models for Personalization: He also emphasized the potential of large language models, trained on vast amounts of data, to offer deeper health insights by considering user context, medical records, and device engagement.

Bixby’s Potential Role: Samsung’s existing digital assistant, Bixby, could play a part in this AI-powered health coaching system, combined with large language models for a more comprehensive experience.

Subscription for Samsung Health App:

While considering a subscription model for the Samsung Health app, the company acknowledges the importance of first enhancing the app’s capabilities and insights offered to justify the cost for users.

Galaxy Samsung Smart Ring marks an exciting entry into the smart ring market, offering a new avenue for users to track and manage their health. The company’s focus on expanding its wearable portfolio and its vision for AI-powered health coaching showcases a commitment to innovation in personalized healthcare solutions.

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