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New Apple Watch Diabetes Monitor Feature for Better Health


Apple has introduced a new Apple watch diabetes monitor feature in its Series 9 watch that can now specifically benefit individuals with Diabetes, as well as those at risk of developing this condition in future. Around the world, an estimated 537 million adults are living with Diabetes, a chronic disease characterized by elevated blood sugar or glucose levels.

The Rising Risks of Diabetes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every five seconds, someone in the world develops Diabetes, every 10 seconds, someone dies from it, and every 30 seconds, a limb is lost due to this disease. The number of people with Diabetes is expected to reach 643 million by 2030. Overweight, obesity and lack of physical activities are the main reasons behind Diabetes. With Diabetes comes a wide range of weight issues, which become hard to deal with for patients without proper medications.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch produced by Apple Inc. It includes fitness tracking, health and exercise, diet, and wireless communication. The first Apple Watch was released in April 2015, with 4.2 million sold within the quarter of 2015. Apple keeps introducing its watch series every year with enhanced features and qualities. This time, it has enhanced its series 9 Apple Watch with features designed specifically for diabetic patients. With the Apple Watch diabetes monitor, diabetic patients can gain valuable insights into their blood sugar levels, empowering them to make informed decisions about their lifestyle choices and manage their condition effectively.

Features of Apple Watch Diabetes Monitor

Apple has included five new critical features in its iPhone and Apple Watch diabetes monitor that can help patients in their everyday lives and activities. These features include Activity, Cycle Tracking, Sleep, Medical ID, and third-party apps.


The Activity app encourages users to set and achieve exercise goals, contributing to improved glucose management. Physical activity has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, enhance glucose uptake by cells, boost insulin sensitivity, and promote overall well-being. It tracks and monitors physical activities like yoga, training, outdoor games and swimming. 

The Apple Heart and Movement Study revealed that participants who engaged in more than 30 minutes of physical activity daily spent 78.8% of their time within the target blood glucose range, highlighting the positive effect of the Activity app.

Cycle Tracking

The Cycle Tracking feature helps women understand the relationship between their menstrual cycles, hormones, and glucose levels. Research has demonstrated that hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle can impact glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. The Apple Watch diabetes monitor’s proper cycle tracking can significantly impact the management of diets of women with Diabetes.


The Sleep app monitors sleep patterns, providing insights into the impact of sleep on glycemic control. Adequate sleep duration and quality are crucial for maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Users can also create sleep schedules with the app to help meet their sleep goals. If a user wears an Apple watch to bed, it can track all the sleep stages like REM cycle, sleeping hours, heart rate, etc.

Medical ID 

The Medical ID feature allows users to store essential medical information, including diabetes diagnosis and medication details, which can be easily accessed in emergencies. It helps monitor breath cycles and provides training for deep breathing in emergencies. 

Third-Party Apps

A growing number of third-party iOS apps affiliated with blood glucose meters, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, combined with Apple Watch to provide real-time glucose data and facilitate effective diabetes management.

These Apple Watch diabetes monitor features are revolutionizing how individuals with diabetes and those at risk approach their condition. By delivering personalized insights, encouraging physical activity, and facilitating seamless data sharing with healthcare providers, Apple technology empowers patients and doctors to take control of diabetes management and achieve remarkable health outcomes. Apple’s innovative Apple Watch diabetes monitor features are transforming the landscape of diabetes management, empowering individuals with diabetes and those at risk to take charge of their health and achieve remarkable outcomes. Through personalized insights, physical activity promotion, and seamless data sharing, Apple technology is forging a path towards a future where diabetes is effectively managed and its complications are minimized.

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