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New Oral Insulin Releasing by 2025 as Best Diabetic Solution


For millions worldwide, the daily ritual of pricking their fingers and injecting insulin has become a depressing reality, a constant reminder of their battle with diabetes and diabetic drugs. But on the horizon, a sweet revolution of oral insulin is developing, promising to free patients from the struggles and pains of needles and move into a new era of convenient, precise insulin delivery. This revolution comes in microscopic wonder – nano-carriers carrying precious cargo, insulin, in a form not seen before.

Imagine swallowing a capsule or indulging in a bite-sized piece of chocolate, each concealing a microscopic army of nano-carriers. These silent guardians, a thousandth the width of a human hair, shield the insulin as it moves through the digestive complexities, delivering it directly to its target: the liver. This targeted approach stands in clear contrast to injected insulin medicine, which dissolves throughout the body, often causing unwanted side effects like weight gain and hypoglycemia.

Professor Peter McCourt, a leading researcher at UiT Norway’s Arctic University, paints a vivid picture of this new research: “By delivering insulin directly to the liver, where it naturally acts, we minimize side effects and maximize its effectiveness.” It’s like sending a package express instead of relying on regular mail – efficient, targeted, and guaranteed to reach its destination.

But the brilliance of this innovation lies not just in its delivery system but in its timing. The nano-carriers are concealed in a smart coating, unaffected by the harsh acids of the stomach but sensitive to specific enzymes in the liver that activate only when blood sugar rises. This translates to a synchronized insulin release, resembling the natural rhythm of a healthy pancreas. No more swelling or hypoglycemia – just precise insulin delivery in time with the body’s own needs.

Testing of Oral Insulin Started on Baboons

The road to this sweet solution to create new diabetes medicine was paved with years of careful research, ranging the scales from microscopic nematodes to curious baboons. In the National Baboon Colony of Australia, these furry friends of humans received their new insulin medicine dose nestled within sugar-free chocolate, illustrating the discreet and flavourful nature of this new approach. The results were nothing short of remarkable, with baboons showcasing lowered blood sugar levels and a notable absence of hypoglycemia.

While these baboon trials offer a glimpse of the future, the actual test lies ahead in the future. In 2025, the first human trials will commence, led by the spin-out company Endo Axiom Pty Ltd. These particular studies will carefully assess the safety and efficacy of the oral insulin, paving the way for potential widespread use within 2-3 years.

Arrival of Needle-Free Era 

The potential impact of this innovative new medicine for diabetes extends far beyond just convenience. Imagine a world where people with diabetes manage their condition cautiously, without the constant burden of needles, syringes, and refrigerated insulin. Picture them enjoying meals without anxiety, traveling freely without worry, and living life with a renewed sense of empowerment. This isn’t just about replacing needles; it’s about reclaiming control, embracing flexibility, and ultimately, living a good life with a chronic condition.

The rise of a needle-free oral insulin era is no longer a distant dream but an accessible reality, settled within a tiny capsule or a bite-sized treat. This revolution promises not just a change in how insulin is delivered but also a fundamental shift in the way people with diabetes live their lives. Pricks and injections no longer define the future of diabetes management but by the sweet taste of freedom powered by the innovation of nano-carriers and the hope they bring.

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