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New Apple Wearables 2024: Watch Ultra 2, AirPods Lite & More


Apple, the iconic tech giant, is preparing to shift gears in 2024 with new Apple wearables. While the iPhone remains a core element of its identity, sources close to the company suggest a strategic focus on expanding beyond this flagship device, with its wearable tech taking center stage in the upcoming year.

New Apple Wearables of Attention

Industry analysts predict a “wearables bonanza” for Apple products in 2024, marked by several key developments:

Vision Pro:

The highly anticipated Vision Pro, rumored to be a premium VR/AR headset, is expected to debut as early as January. Analysts believe it will offer a groundbreaking mixed-reality experience, blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds for the users.

Apple Watch Ultra 2:

Building on the success of the Apple Watch Ultra, a next-generation model, the Apple Watch Ultra 2, is expected to be released later in the year. It is speculated to enhance advanced health-tracking features and even more excellent durability for extreme athletic pursuits.

AirPods Symphony:

2024 could see a two-pronged AirPods attack. A new low-end model, potentially called “AirPods Lite,” is predicted to target a wider audience with a more affordable price point. An upgraded version of the AirPods Pro, featuring improved noise cancellation and Find My Device combination, is also rumored to be in the works.

As Apple continues to push boundaries, the excitement around new Apple wearables in 2024 is reaching unprecedented levels.

Prices and Affordability

Analysts worry that the Vision Pro, rumored to be a premium VR/AR headset, might carry a heavy price tag. This could limit its market reach to early adopters and tech enthusiasts, excluding a large potential audience. Affordability could become a barrier to entry for mainstream consumers of new Apple wearables. Apple often pushes the boundaries of its technology with recent upgrades, but this can come at the cost of increased prices. Finding a balance between innovation and affordability is crucial for the broader adoption of their wearables, especially in non-luxury segments. High prices could limit the overall market share of newer wearable devices like the Vision Pro despite their potential technological advancements for the company and its users. 

Apple’s Focus on Health and Wellness

New Apple wearables majorly focused on health and wellness features can be a strategic move to make the company’s name and expand its horizon in the coming years.

  • Leveraging Wearable Capabilities: Apple is expected to promote health and wellness features further into its wearables beyond basic fitness tracking. This could include advanced monitoring of vital signs, sleep analysis, diet assessments and personalized health recommendations.
  • Growing Market Trends: The health and wellness wearables market is growing as people become more conscious of their well-being and new tech. Apple capitalizing on this trend could solidify its position as a mobile giant.
  • Partnerships and Integrations: Apple could collaborate with healthcare providers and medical institutions to leverage wearable data for clinical research and personalized health management for each individual. This could expand the range of services offered and broaden its appeal to health-conscious individuals.

Analysts’ and Users Anticipation

Tech industry experts welcome Apple’s pivot towards wearables. Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s renowned Apple analyst, states, “Wearables are the next frontier for Apple. The company has consistently innovated in this space, and their potential market reach is enormous.”

Beyond the iPhone

While new Apple wearables might take center stage, Apple assures its iPhone loyalists that the smartphone remains a crucial part of its ecosystem. New iPhone models are still expected in 2024, likely featuring incremental upgrades and potentially a larger model joining the lineup.

However, the focus on wearables signifies a strategic shift. CEO Tim Cook recently stated, “The future of Apple is not just about our devices; it’s about the experiences they create.” 

By diversifying its portfolio and pushing the boundaries of wearable technology, Apple aims to build a more dynamic and interconnected ecosystem, solidifying its position as a leader in the evolving landscape of personal technology. Amid this innovation, the anticipation for new Apple wearables continues to grow.

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