Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Netflix Gaming Delights: Hades, Braid, Death’s Door, & More!


Netflix is set to redefine entertainment again by expanding the Netflix gaming library of 80+ distinctive games, all available to users at no additional cost. Netflix announced this during the Geeked Week Event, unveiling a list of new gaming services that will be introduced on the platform.


Netflix is prepared to take you on the journey of critically acclaimed “Hades”, a dungeon crawler. As Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld, players navigate a dynamic journey, each death as a fresh start. The game’s rich narrative and diverse gameplay will soon be available for Netflix subscribers on iOS only.


Experience the triumphant return of ‘Braid’ with Netflix Gaming’s Anniversary Edition. The upgraded classic boasts enhanced audio, visuals, and a new set of unique puzzles. Set to launch on iOS and Android by 30 April, this edition includes over 15 hours of developer commentary.

Death’s Door

Netflix Gaming introduces an exclusive adventure with ‘Death’s Door, a standout indie title from 2021, which retakes charge as a mobile exclusive for Netflix subscribers. Assume the role of a crow tasked with soul collection for the Reaping Commission Headquarters, exploring a world similar to Zelda-esque adventures.

Money Heist Game

By popular demand, Netflix’s biggest hit, “Money Heist”, is also ready for a gaming experience. Engage yourself in a virtual heist adventure like the original series, set to release by the time of the spinoff series “Berlin”.

Katana Zero and More

A slick action platformer has also joined Netflix Games lineup, promising high-energy gameplay. Additionally, subscribers can anticipate a wide range of titles inspired by Netflix’s original content. “Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold”, “Sonic Prime Dash”, “Narcos: Cartel Wars Unlimited”, and “Stranger Things 3: The Game” are already available for subscribers.

Enhanced Netflix Gaming Experience

Netflix continues to break barriers, offering its subscribers a wide range of shows and movies and a unique Netflix gaming experience. As the platform grows with these exciting additions, subscribers can expect an entertainment experience that smoothly combines a gaming library.

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