Thursday, April 18, 2024

Morpheus Journey Software for Space Mission Planning


Announced at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany, Morpheus Space, known for its miniature electric thrusters, has marked a significant milestone with “Journey”, a software for space mobility. The launch of Morpheus Journey Software signifies the company’s foray into the space industry.

“This is our first software on the market, and we believe it will be a big milestone for the space industry,” stated Morpheus Space CEO and co-founder Daniel Bock.

New Era in Satellite Mission Planning

Journey represents a dynamic shift in how the space industry approaches mission planning. It initiates the process at the early stages of mission design, assisting in determining satellite specifications, orbital parameters, and other critical factors. According to Bock, it addresses the evolving space mobility, covering activities from orbital transfers to station keeping and deorbiting.

Morpheus Journey Software Simplified Mission Design

The development of the ‘Journey’ platform took approximately two years, aiming to simplify the entire satellite mission design and analysis process. By smoothly integrating advanced engineering models with a user-friendly interface, Morpheus Journey software seeks to make space more accessible and safer for operation. “Our team has radically simplified the satellite mission design and analysis process,” emphasized Bock.

Diverse Space Players

‘Journey’ will serve a broad spectrum of users, from NewSpace companies to seasoned industry veterans. It guides through every mission planning stage, from early conceptualization to satellite procurement and mission operations.

“It is for every company that plans to send something into space or operate in space”, Bock affirmed.

Morpheus Journey software is set to redefine space mission planning, offering a versatile and comprehensive solution for the evolving needs of the space industry.

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