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Heaviest Weight Lifted with Eye Sockets – New World Record 2024


Could you picture using your eye sockets to lift someone or to pull a car? Does it sound possible to perform heaviest weight lifted with eye sockets, no right? But not for Las Vegas sideshow act Andrew Stanton, whose amazing strength in his eye sockets broke two Guinness World Records. He achieved the record for the Heaviest Weight Lifted with Eye Sockets, lifting a staggering 16.2 kg (35.71 lb). While most of us wouldn’t dare put such strain on our delicate eye area, Stanton proved his phenomenal ability with weights. All these fantastic performances were done on the Italian television show “Lo Show Dei Record” in Milan and left the audience stunned both nationally and internationally.

Guinness Book of World Records 2024

Let us tell you how Andrew Stanton broke the world record and got world recognition.

1. Heaviest Weight Lifted with Eye Sockets

In his first jaw-dropping record:

  • Andrew Stanton used his eye sockets to pull an incredible weight
    5,319.75 pounds total weight, including the driver, was pulled.
  • Cadillac is the vehicle was pulled
    The car was successfully transported across the stage a few feet.
  • His amazing strength left the spectators stunned.

2. Lifting weight with a Sword in his Mouth

Stanton stunned everyone with an act of heaviest weight lifted with eye sockets that broke yet another record:

  • Hung a weight in his eye sockets and swallowed a sword.
  • He lifted his assistant who weighed 129.63 pounds.
  • He became the first man to achieve this title.
  • His unbelievable talent and capability seized the attention of the audience once again.

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Audience to Andrew Stanton Guinness World Record

Both successes attracted a lot of attention and demonstrated Stanton’s extraordinary abilities as a sideshow performer. The reaction of the audience of surprise and appreciation for Stanton unveiled his special talents to the viewers. Not only did he perform and entertain the audience, but it also raised his status as a sideshow performer of heaviest weight lifted with eye sockets, breaking all previous records.

The extraordinary efforts of Andrew Stanton can be considered as the talent and determination by providing the proof of his Guinness World Records for the heaviest weight lifted with eye sockets. Such accomplishments continue to increase the standards of what can be done by performers in the sideshow. Stanton once more impresses the viewers with the record-breaking possibilities he displays on “Lo Show Dei Record” as regards strength and stamina. He not only gives the audience joy but also motivates them to push the boundaries of what the human body can endure and do if one only tries and has the appropriate talent.

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