Thursday, April 18, 2024

New Google’s Generative AI Training Programs for Developers


Google has revealed a new initiative: comprehensive Generative AI training resources accessible through the Google Cloud Skills Boost platform to empower professionals worldwide. This initiative is designed to enable professionals globally with knowledge and skills related to Generative AI.

Introduction to Generative AI Training

Google’s “Introduction to Generative AI” offers a fast yet profound 45-minute exploration into Generative AI. Modifying non-technical roles like sales, marketing, HR, and operations, giving insights on Generative AI’s influence on business processes.

Generative AI for Developers 

For technical professionals, Google offers the “Generative AI for Developers” course. This path directs into the practical aspects of working with Gen AI, including hands-on labs and technical courses. Participants will gain expertise in utilizing Google Cloud services such as Generative AI Studio and Vertex AI, enhancing their ability to apply Generative AI in real-world scenarios.

Learning through Practice

Google Cloud provides a series of hands-on labs allowing learners to engage directly with the Generative AI platform. These labs, accessible with minimal Google Cloud credits, offer practical experience and enclose the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, making Generative AI training interactive and impactful.

Collaboration with DeepLearning.AI

Collaborating with DeepLearning.AI and renowned AI expert Andrew Ng, Google Cloud offers the “Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings with Vertex AI” course. This course explores advanced AI applications, including text clustering and semantic search, providing learners with valuable insights into the diverse domain of AI technology.

Innovators Plus Subscription

Google introduced the Innovators Plus Subscription, a vital opportunity for professionals. Starting at $299, this subscription provides access to a year of on-demand training, including Generative AI content. Subscribers also receive up to $1,000 in Google Cloud credits, enabling them to dive deeper into the world of Generative AI. The subscription also includes certification support and access to industry experts, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. 

Google’s commitment to making AI education accessible and promoting its community of innovators is evident through these initiatives. By giving practical, insightful, and accessible training resources, Google empowers professionals to use the transformative potential of Generative AI. This emphasis on accessibility extends to specialized Generative AI training programs, reinforcing Google’s dedication to cultivating a community of skilled innovators ready to unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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