Thursday, April 18, 2024

Google Updates Search Algorithm Dealing AI-Generated Content


In the middle of the growing problem of SEO-optimized, machine-written content, Google has announced new Google updates search algorithm tools and ranking algorithms that will prioritize user-generated content on discussion forums and social media platforms. These new tools aim to surface real people’s authentic voices and perspectives in search results rather than AI-generated content, offering users a more reliable and trustworthy experience.

New Tools

Google introduced two new tools, ProfilePage and DiscussionForumPosting, to help websites structure their data effectively for accurate indexing and categorization within search results. 


This tool allows websites to showcase the profiles of their content creators directly in Google Search results. This includes the creator’s name, handle, photo, follower count, and content popularity. This markup benefits both Google’s Perspectives features.


The new DiscussionForumPosting tool allows Google to recognize better conversations taking place on online forums and discussion sites. While Google acknowledges popular forums like Reddit, this markup allows smaller forums to be better indexed, categorized, and ranked in search results.

Google Updates Search Algorithm

Google’s search algorithm is being updated to elevate firsthand perspectives from social media platforms, discussion boards, and Q&A sites in search results. This means that user-generated content will appear higher in search results, providing users with direct access to authentic voices and experiences. Google Search Console now also offers new reports for website owners to monitor and validate content.

SEO-Driven Content

Google’s initiative comes in response to growing concerns about the excessive use of SEO-optimized content that often needs more value or authenticity. This issue has been highlighted by advances in AI, leading to fears that search results will become flooded with machine-generated content, jeopardizing the integrity of search engines like Google.

The announcement of these new tools directly addresses the “SEO Driven” scenario recently circulating online, where AI was used to steal search traffic from a competitor. By prioritizing user-generated content over SEO-driven tactics, Google updates search algorithm aims to ensure that its search results reflect its users’ genuine voices and perspectives and not bot content.

Google updates search algorithm commitment to authentic content extends beyond search ranking. The company is also testing its own AI answer engine, Search Generative Experience, and experimenting with features like web page annotations to provide users with more comprehensive and reliable information. This move signals Google’s commitment to providing its users with the most relevant and trustworthy information available, ensuring that search results remain valuable for individuals seeking information online.

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