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Free Generative AI Course for Teachers by Google and MIT


In a move designed to empower educators and enhance the classroom experience, Google and the MIT Responsible AI for Social Empowerment and Education (RAISE) initiative have launched a free online course: Google Generative AI Course for Teachers. This innovative program equips middle and high school teachers with the skills to utilize the power of generative AI for various purposes, ultimately benefiting educators and students.

Teacher’s Advantage in Generative AI

While the potential of generative AI in education often focuses on student learning, the technology also holds immense value for educators. This free course aims to unlock that potential, providing teachers with the tools to streamline their workflow and create a more prosperous learning environment.

The self-paced, two-hour course delves into practical applications of generative AI for teachers. Here are some key areas the program addresses:

  1. The AI course for educators equips teachers with skills to utilize generative AI for everyday tasks, including writing emails, adapting content for different reading levels, and crafting creative assessments. Imagine automatically adjusting lesson materials to serve students with varying learning abilities.
  2. Teachers will learn to structure activities that align with student interests, promoting a more captivating learning experience.
  3. This innovative program addresses a persistent challenge: lesson planning. The course explores how generative AI models can analyze lesson plans and suggest new approaches and activities, saving teachers valuable time and effort.

Cynthia Breazeal, Director of MIT RAISE, emphasizes the course’s transformative potential: “This course empowers educators to confidently integrate AI into their teaching, creating richer and more accessible learning experiences for all students.”

This statement shows the core objective of this program – empowering educators to use technology to enhance classroom instruction and create a more inclusive learning environment.

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Course Structure for Busy Educators

The Google Generative AI Educators course is designed for easy accessibility and flexibility. The curriculum consists of five modules, each lasting approximately 40 minutes, making it convenient for busy teachers to fit the program into their schedules. The modules are readily available for teachers and administrators on the dedicated Generative AI for Educators webpage.

This Google Generative AI Course for Teachers represents the way to harness the power of AI to improve education. By equipping teachers with the necessary skills to utilize generative AI tools, the program has the potential to streamline workflows, personalize learning experiences, and ultimately inspire a new era of engaging and practical education for students everywhere. As educators embrace this technology and explore its possibilities, we can expect a future where AI serves as a valuable partner in enriching the learning journey for all.

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