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PUMA Empowers Women with New PUMA SHAPELUXE Collection


PUMA, a leading sportswear brand, is championing women’s empowerment by launching its new PUMA SHAPELUXE training collection. This innovative line celebrates female athletes’ diverse needs and aspirations, challenging the limitations of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to fitness apparel.

Luxury Meets Performance With PUMA SHAPELUXE

The SHAPELUXE collection exceeds the boundaries between comfort and performance. It features high-performance pieces carefully crafted with LYCRA® ADAPTIV materials. This innovative fabric technology delivers a luxurious feel while easily moving with your body.

“The SHAPELUXE collection offers a unique combination of luxurious comfort and engineered support,” says a PUMA spokesperson. “We understand that women have different needs and preferences regarding their workout gear. This collection provides various options to empower women to feel confident and comfortable while pushing their limits.”

PUMA SHAPELUXE Collection Highlights:


This low-support bra offers a comfortable fit with engineered support, perfect for low-impact activities like yoga or pilates. (Available in four colors: PUMA Black, Lime Pow, Gamet Rose, and Teak)

SHAPELUXE Easy Fit Tight: 

High-waisted, full-length tights provide engineered support and a sleek, easy-fit design. (Available in four colors too.)

4Keeps SHAPELUXE Bra: 

This bra offers medium support, a thin racerback silhouette, and a soft waistband for a comfortable and secure fit. (Available in four colors)

SHAPELUXE Seamless Short Tight: 

This versatile option has a high waist and a 6-inch inseam, perfect for various workouts. The engineered sculpting fit provides a flattering and supportive feel. (Available in four colors)

Celebrating Women Through Movement

PUMA recognizes that fitness is more than just wearing the right clothes. It’s about celebrating the power of movement and the confidence it can bring. In line with the launch of the SHAPELUXE collection, PUMA shared inspiring stories of its female employees and brand ambassadors worldwide. These women shared their unique experiences and journeys of finding confidence through movement, showing the diverse ways women can embrace fitness.

The launch of the SHAPELUXE collection and the accompanying campaign coincided with International Women’s Day. This strategic timing reinforced PUMA’s commitment to empowering women and celebrating their achievements. By presenting a variety of women with diverse fitness goals and backgrounds, PUMA aims to inspire all women to embrace their strength and find their path to confidence through movement.

The PUMA SHAPELUXE collection signifies a shift towards a more inclusive and empowering approach to fitness apparel. By prioritizing a variety of styles, functionalities, and body types, PUMA is paving the way for a future where every woman feels comfortable and confident when pursuing their fitness goals. This collection, coupled with the inspiring stories of the PUMA women, is a powerful message encouraging women everywhere to embrace the power of movement and celebrate their unique journeys.

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