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Do You Know Who Is the AI Seoul Summit Host 2024 & Why?


The United Kingdom and South Korea are set to work together as AI Seoul Summit host on May 21st and 22nd, 2024. This event aims to plan a course for the safe and responsible development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Building upon the collaborative spirit established through the Bletchley Declaration, the summit will bring together world leaders, policymakers, and experts in a global conversation about the future of AI.

The two-day summit will start with a virtual leaders’ session co-chaired by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol. This session will set the stage for a subsequent in-person meeting among Digital Ministers, led by UK Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan and Korean Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong-Ho. This high-level engagement reflects the importance both nations place on promoting international cooperation in the field of AI governance.

Bletchley Park Momentum for AI Seoul Summit Host

The AI Seoul Summit serves as a direct follow-up to the historic discussions held at Bletchley Park, UK, last November. The Bletchley Park Summit brought together representatives from the United States, France, Japan, Germany, and other leading nations to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI. The AI Seoul Summit will carry forward this momentum, focusing on three key pillars: safety, inclusion, and innovation.

Safety First: Balancing Benefits and Risks

Safety remains a major concern for AI development. As Minister Lee Jong-Ho stated, “establishing global norms and governance” is important to ensuring that these powerful technologies benefit humanity. The summit will delve into critical topics such as model safety evaluations, seeking to develop strong methods for assessing and reducing potential risks associated with AI systems.

Innovation with a Human Focus

The UK has long been a champion of responsible AI innovation. Initiatives like the Manchester Prize and the creation of the AI Safety Institute, the first state-backed organization dedicated to AI safety, exemplify this commitment. The summit is not just about setting boundaries; it will also explore ways to promote inclusive AI development that benefits all members of society.

Insights: Science Informs Policy

Coinciding with the AI Seoul Summit will be the release of the International Scientific Report on Advanced AI Safety. This report, led by renowned computer scientist Yoshua Bengio, represents the high point of collaborative research from leading scientific minds. This report serves not only as a valuable resource but also shows the summit’s commitment to translating scientific knowledge into practical action for safe AI development.

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The agenda for the AI Seoul Summit reflects the urgency of addressing the several challenges and opportunities presented by AI. From ensuring the ethical application of AI to advancing sustainable development, the summit will spark serious conversations about how to navigate the future of AI responsibly.

This collaborative effort between the UK and South Korea represents a step towards global AI governance. By bringing together diverse voices and acknowledging international cooperation, the AI Seoul Summit host, the UK, and South Korea aims to ensure that AI serves not as a force of division but rather as a tool for shared prosperity and progress for all.

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