Tuesday, April 23, 2024

AI Collaboration Between UK and France Strengthen New Ties


The United Kingdom and France have announced a significant boost to their scientific partnership, marked by a new funding strategy, joint research efforts, and a focus on advancing global AI safety. This AI collaboration between UK and France signifies a new chapter in bilateral cooperation, building upon a long history of shared achievements and aiming to launch both nations to the forefront of scientific discovery and innovation.

Renewed AI Collaboration between UK and France

Following the UK’s association with Horizon Europe, a move symbolizing collaborative spirit in the aftermath of Brexit, an important meeting between UK Secretary of State Michelle Donelan and French Minister for Higher Education and Research Sylvie Retailleau is set to solidify this renewed partnership.

A vital element of the collaboration is a joint declaration committing £800,000 towards collaborative research projects, particularly within the framework of Horizon Europe. This reflects the shared understanding that research excels on collaboration, and leveraging the combined strengths of both nations will be instrumental in achieving their scientific goals.

Moreover, a landmark partnership between the UK’s AI Safety Institute and France’s Inria signifies a joint commitment to responsible AI development. This timely collaboration leads to France hosting the AI Safety Summit later this year, building upon the discussions and agreements established during the UK’s edition last year.

French-British Joint Committee To Promote Cooperation

Establishing the French-British Joint Committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation signifies a broader commitment to promoting collaboration across various fields. This committee will provide a platform for joint efforts in essential areas like low-carbon hydrogen, space observation, research security, and AI.

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Highlighting Shared Vision and Ambitions

UK Secretary of State Michelle Donelan emphasized the longstanding and vital connection between the UK and France in supporting scientific breakthroughs. She stated, “The links between the UK and France’s brightest minds are deep and longstanding, from breakthroughs in aerospace to tackling climate change.” Donelan further highlighted the importance of supporting researchers and collaboration, stating that “research is fundamentally collaborative,” this partnership will play a key role in achieving their ambitions as a “science superpower.”

Sylvie Retailleau, French Minister of Higher Education and Research, shared these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and international partnerships in scientific advancement. She stated, “This joint committee is a perfect illustration of the international component of research,” highlighting the opportunities for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and strengthening France’s scientific capabilities. She further said the value of a trusted partner like the UK, particularly in their participation in Horizon Europe and Europe’s broader strategic goals.

As AI collaboration between UK and France establishes a strengthened partnership, their commitment to global leadership in scientific discovery and innovation becomes increasingly evident. These bilateral agreements serve as a testament to their shared vision for the future, where collaboration and a focus on emerging technologies like AI will make way for essential advancements and contributions to the global scientific field.

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