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Promoting Hybrid Learning in Saudi Arabia with Unique Collab


In a new policy for the whole Kingdom’s education landscape, McGraw Hill and Maarif Education have announced a strategic partnership to increase hybrid learning in Saudi Arabia across Maarif’s ten campuses. This landmark collaboration signifies a shared commitment to empowering students with innovative educational resources and personalized learning experiences, aligning perfectly with Saudi Arabia and UAE’s Vision 2030 goals of promoting a highly skilled population, especially in Artificial Intelligence.

Beneficial Partnership To Aid Hybrid Learning in Saudi Arabia

The agreement establishes McGraw Hill as the exclusive learning partner for Maarif Education, granting access to a vast library of educational resources in print and digital formats. This partnership is unique in its scale, with Maarif Education being the first K-12 education group in Saudi Arabia to entrust a single learning partner with its entire educational needs. This includes the following things:

  • McGraw Hill’s proprietary content: Core and supplemental programs in Math, Science, and Literacy, encompassing renowned titles like Inspire Science, Reveal Math, and Wonders.
  • Intervention programs: Personalized learning paths designed to help students catch up or excel, ensuring inclusivity and individual growth.
  • State-of-the-art digital platforms: ConnectEd, Open Learning Platform (OLP), and ALEKS provide interactive learning experiences and data-driven insights.

Dedicated Support for Successful Implementation

This partnership agreement follows a successful pilot program launched in May 2023, where McGraw Hill’s core and supplemental programs were rolled out across Maarif’s campuses. The partnership extends beyond just resource provision, offering comprehensive support for successful implementation:

  • Teacher training: Ongoing professional development programs will equip educators with best practices in hybrid teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Technical assistance: Dedicated teams ensure smooth integration of McGraw Hill’s resources with Maarif’s existing systems.
  • Curriculum delivery: Customized support guarantees effective curriculum implementation across all campuses.
  • On-demand resources: A wealth of online materials will empower teachers and students.

Investing in the Future of Education

The collaboration represents a significant investment in the future of Saudi Arabia’s education system. Lefteris Souris, SVP and Managing Director for K-12/School with McGraw Hill’s International group, stated: “We are thrilled to join forces with Maarif Education to transform education in Saudi Arabia. The alliance aligns perfectly with our commitment to provide innovative learning solutions that empower educators and engage students.”

Maarif Education’s CEO, Dr Rami El-Malleeh, echoed this sentiment: “We are confident that this partnership with McGraw Hill will be instrumental in achieving our vision of providing our students with a world-class education that prepares them for success in the 21st century. Their expertise in hybrid learning solutions will be invaluable in creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment for all.”

Significant Impact on Students and Educators

This partnership sets a precedent for the wider region, demonstrating the power of collaboration in transforming education. Using the combined expertise of McGraw Hill and Maarif Education, this initiative paves the way for a future where hybrid learning empowers students and educators across Saudi Arabia and beyond. The impact of this partnership is expected to be far-reaching, positively impacting both students and educators:

  • Students: Access engaging, personalized learning experiences that serve their needs and learning styles.
  • Teachers: Benefit from professional development opportunities, new resources, and ongoing support to excel in hybrid classrooms.
  • Schools: Create a dynamic learning environment that promotes critical thinking, collaboration, and digital literacy skills, preparing students for the future workforce.

This landmark collaboration between McGraw Hill and Maarif Education promises to revolutionize the educational landscape and promote hybrid learning in Saudi Arabia, empowering students and educators to grow in this evolving digital age. As both organizations continue to work together, proceeding with their legacy, the impact on the Kingdom’s future generations will be profound.

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