Tuesday, April 23, 2024

WhatsApp Third Party Chats Feature Is Now Available!


WhatsApp, the global messaging platform, is taking steps toward a more interconnected future by introducing a new feature in its latest beta update. While the ability to directly message users on other platforms isn’t available, the “Manage WhatsApp Third Party Chats” feature in beta version lays the groundwork for such functionality.

This feature addresses two key aspects: user control and compliance with European regulations.

User Control With Whatsapp Third Party Chats

Aligned with Article 7 of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) emphasizing user control over data and communication, the feature empowers users to:

  • Opt-out altogether: Users not interested in cross-platform messaging can turn off the back-and-forth chat service. This provides a clear exit strategy for users who change their minds about interconnectivity.
  • Choose their connections: Users can exercise granular control by selecting which third-party messaging apps can interact with their WhatsApp. This promotes user autonomy and allows them to assist their communication experience by integrating only with trusted services.

This high level of control is particularly advantageous for users. Users can avoid unwanted communication from unfamiliar platforms while maintaining connections with desired services. It is also essential to note that turning off the service comes with limitations like:

Read-only mode: Existing third-party chats will become read-only, prohibiting sending or receiving new messages. However, these chats remain accessible within WhatsApp and can be deleted by the user.

Paving the Way for the Future

While still under development, the “Manage Third Party Chats” feature shows a significant shift towards a more interconnected messaging world within WhatsApp. This development coincides with the company’s efforts to comply with EU regulations and cater to evolving user preferences for cross-platform communication. Future updates are expected to provide further details on how this feature will impact the user experience.

Additional Upcoming Features 

WhatsApp is actively testing other features in recent beta versions, including:

  • Secret code for locked chats on WhatsApp Web. This feature aims to enhance privacy and security by requiring a secret code to access locked chats through the web interface.
  • New design for the status tab. The latest beta version experiments with a unique design for the status tab, potentially offering a renewed user interface for sharing and viewing updates.

These developments suggest that WhatsApp continuously innovates to meet every user’s needs and adapt to the evolving communication industry. The introduction of the “Manage WhatsApp Third Party Chats” feature and other ongoing tests signal a positive future where WhatsApp users have greater control over their communication experience and enjoy a more interconnected messaging ecosystem.

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