Monday, July 22, 2024

Suspicious Activities at Cape Canaveral SpaceX Observed


Several significant developments were observed in a recent flyover over the facilities at Cape Canaveral SpaceX. Notably, the previously reported Starship launch tower sections have vanished entirely from the Robi’s Road site, raising questions about their intended purpose. Let’s delve into the details.

Disappearance of Starship Tower Sections

The tower sections, believed to be either for a new Super Heavy launch tower or an extension of the existing one at Starbase, have disappeared entirely. This unexpected removal has started a debate among people, with theories ranging from a complete relocation to Starbase to the possibility of a new tower being built at Cape Canaveral SpaceX.

New Launch Complex

Meanwhile, SpaceX’s progress on the new launch complex for Super Heavy and Starship (SCX) is quite visible. The last tower section for this complex is also gone, and two white tanks previously housed at Launch Complex 39A are now positioned at the new site. These developments suggest the new launch complex is progressing at a rapid speed.

Robi’s Road Expansion

The basecamp at Cape Canaveral SpaceX’s plan to expand its footprint at Robi’s Road has also been initiated. This expansion will see the addition of approximately 100 acres of land, allowing for the construction of new facilities and infrastructure, possibly including a Starship production facility. While blueprints for this project have been released, land clearing and construction are yet to begin. 

The west side of the Robi’s Road facility is undergoing construction, suggesting ongoing infrastructure improvements. This work likely involves installing utilities, such as electricity, water, and communication lines, to support the various operations taking place within the building. These operations likely include processing and preparing Starlink satellites for deployment on Falcon 9 missions.

Falcon 9 Booster B1069

The booster, identified as B1069, has been spotted parked outside Hangar X after being transported from Port Canaveral which indicates that B1069 is being prepared for its 11th flight following its successful launch and recovery in support of the Starlink Group 6-28 Mission. This reuse of B1069 demonstrates SpaceX’s commitment to sustainable spaceflight by maximizing the lifespan of its Falcon 9 large boosters.

Unidentified Large Booster at Cape Canaveral SpaceX

During the flyover, a large booster was also observed; the identity and purpose of this booster are currently unknown, but its presence suggests potential upcoming activities at the Cape Canaveral SpaceX facilities. Experts are suggesting that this could be another Falcon 9 booster undergoing remodeling, a booster for the Super Heavy launch vehicle, or another type of spacecraft entirely.

These observations highlight the ongoing activity and progress at facilities in Cape Canaveral SpaceX. The disappearance of the Starship tower sections adds intrigue to the company’s plans for future Starship launches. In contrast, the development of the new SCX launch complex marks significant progress towards orbital Starship flights.

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