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Stable LM 2 New Language Model by Stability AI


Stability AI, a company at the front of artificial intelligence research, has announced the release of two new additions to its Stable LM 2 new model series: a 12 billion parameter base model and an updated version of its 1.6 billion parameter model. These models offer developers a powerful and versatile tool for various artificial intelligence language technology tasks.

The Stable LM 2 New Model: 12B

The centerpiece of this release is the Stable LM 2 12B model. This model has a significant leap in parameter count compared to the previous update, reaching 12 billion parameters. However, Stability AI has taken a measured approach, prioritizing a balance between raw power, efficiency, memory requirements, and processing speed. This ensures the model can deliver substantial performance even on widely available hardware, making it accessible to a more extensive range of developers.

The model is trained on a massive dataset of two trillion tokens across seven languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. This multilingual capability makes it a valuable tool for tasks requiring fluency in multiple languages. According to Stability AI, the Stable LM 2 12B model can handle tasks typically reserved for larger models requiring substantial computational resources. This opens doors for developers who may not have access to high-powered machines.

Stability AI offers an instruction-tuned variant of the 12B model for specific use cases. This variant excels in tool usage and function calling, making it ideal as a core component of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) systems.

Stable LM 2 New Model: 1.6B 

Alongside the 12B model, Stability AI has released an improved version of its 1.6B parameter model. This updated version retains the low system requirements of the original model while offering enhanced conversational abilities across its seven supported languages. This makes it a compelling choice for developers seeking a balance between performance and resource efficiency.

Stability AI has compared the Stable LM 2 12B model to other popular large language models like Mixtral, Llama2, Qwen 1.5, Gemma, and Mistral. These comparisons on zero-shot and few-shot tasks across various platforms demonstrate that the Stable LM 2 12B delivers competitive results.

Availability of Stable LM 2

Stability AI emphasizes its commitment to open and transparent models. The release of the Stable LM 2 12B offers developers a powerful tool without sacrificing user control over data. This aligns with the company’s philosophy of empowering developers and businesses to shape the future of AI confidently.

Both the Stable LM 2 new model, 12B, and the updated 1.6B models are available for commercial and non-commercial use through a Stability AI Membership. This membership grants developers and businesses access to this innovative language technology and the potential to revolutionize various fields.

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