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Spotify Discovery Feed Inspired by TikTok Style


Music streaming giant tops the leaderboard by exploring new features of Spotify discovery feed that allow users to remix songs, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. The popularity of remixes and sped-up versions of songs on social media platforms like TikTok inspires these features.

Early Stage Development of Spotify Discovery Feed

The Wall Street Journal reports that the development of these remixing tools is in the early stages. Licensing agreements with rights holders, such as artists and labels, are still being discussed. Additionally, access to the Spotify video feature might be restricted to users subscribed to a new premium tier called “Music Pro.”

A Range of Remixing Options

Code within the Spotify app suggests features beyond simple song mash-ups. Here’s a breakdown of the possible functionalities:

  1. Playlist Tuner: 

This tool could allow users to fine-tune playlists by adjusting the “tempo range” and “vibe” of the music. Filtering by genre, mood, and activity could be part of this process.

  1. DJ-Style Transitions: 

Users with aspirations of becoming a virtual DJ might be excited about the possibility of adding different transition styles between songs, creating a smoother listening experience.

  1. Scenario-Based Remixing: 

Imagine creating a high-energy workout mix or a fast-paced party playlist. The code suggests Spotify might allow users to create mixes designed explicitly for different scenarios.

  1. Remixing for Beginners: 

Spotify might cater to those new to remixing by offering features that automatically sequence songs based on similar tempo, key, and style. Users will also likely have the option to choose the order themselves or let Spotify handle it automatically.

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Benefits for Artists and Listeners of Remix Feature

The rise of social media platforms like TikTok has seen an increase in the popularity of user-generated remixes, often involving sped-up versions of songs. While these collect significant views, they sometimes translate into revenue for the artists. In response, some artists and labels have begun releasing their official sped-up versions. In theory, Spotify’s remixing feature could provide a solution. Users would have the ability to personalize their listening experience by creating remixes, while artists would continue to be compensated for their work.

If implemented successfully, Spotify’s remixing features could hold benefits for both artists and listeners. Artists could see increased revenue from their work as users engage with their music in new ways. Listeners, on the other hand, would gain more control over their listening experience, modifying music to their preferences and activities.

It’s important to note that this Spotify discovery feed feature is still under development, and details like the final functionalities and pricing structure for “Music Pro” might change. However, this move by Spotify shows a shift towards user-generated remixing within the music streaming apps.

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