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SpaceX Announces Secure Axiom 3 Mission Launch to the ISS


SpaceX, in collaboration with Axiom Space, announced that the launch of Axiom 3, Space’s Ax-3 mission to the International Space Station (ISS), has been delayed by a day to 4:49 p.m. EST (2149 GMT) on Thursday (Jan. 18). You can watch it live here at Space.com; coverage will begin at 2:30 p.m. EST (1845 GMT) on Jan. 18.

SpaceX is preparing for another historic launch, this time for Axiom 3, Space’s Ax-3 mission – a groundbreaking private expedition to the International Space Station (ISS). Scheduled for liftoff today, January 18th, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the Axiom mission 3 promises to push the boundaries of space exploration and pave the way for a future of increased commercial access to the orbiting outpost. This delay in the launch will provide additional time for the teams to get things in order before the launch.

About Axiom Space

Axiom Space is a Houston-based company that is redefining space exploration. Axiom is building the world’s first commercial space station, which is set to launch in the late 2020s. This orbiting outpost will host research, manufacturing, and space tourism, opening space to a broader audience. Axiom facilitates private astronaut missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and, soon, their space station. 

Axiom 3 Ready for Launch

Preparations for the Axiom mission 3 are in complete form, with all systems currently green. A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch the Ax-3 crew on a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft to ISS. “We’re happy to say that we’re on track – we’re ready,” affirmed Benji Reed, Senior Director of Human Spaceflight Programs at SpaceX, during a recent press call. Weather conditions also appear favorable, with a 95% chance of optimal launch conditions.

A Crew of Firsts 

The Axiom 3 mission will be the first space mission consisting of all European commercial astronauts, with a diverse and distinguished main crew of four astronauts, each with their own unique story. Commander Michael López-Alegría, a veteran NASA astronaut who now flies for Axiom, will lead the team. He previously commanded Axiom’s first mission to the ISS, Ax-1, in April 2022. Joining him as leads are:

  • Colonel Walter Villadei of the Italian Air Force, making his first trip to space.
  • European Space Agency astronaut Marcus Wandt, also embarking on his initial spaceflight.
  • Alper Gezeravcı, who will become the first Turkish citizen to journey to space, marking a significant milestone for his nation.

Science in Focus

The Axiom 3 mission is much more than just a sightseeing trip to space. The crew will be busy conducting over 30 scientific experiments during their two-week stay on the International Space Station (ISS). These experiments, including various fields, aim to:

  • Enhance our understanding of human physiology both on Earth and in space.
  • Advance scientific knowledge across diverse disciplines.
  • Unlock opportunities for technological advancements and industrial progress.
  • Develop innovative technologies for the betterment of humanity.

As Axiom Space concisely notes in its mission description, “Data collected on ground before and after the mission as well as in flight will impact understanding of human physiology on Earth and on orbit, as well as advance scientific understanding, harness opportunities for industrial advancements and develop technologies for humanity’s progress.”

A New Era of Space Expedition

The Axiom 3 mission represents a significant step towards the future in the commercialization of spaceflight. It demonstrates the growing capabilities of private companies like Axiom Space and marks a crucial step towards making space exploration more accessible and inclusive. With examples like axiom mission 3’s success paving the way, the future of space travel looks brighter than ever, with both professional and private astronauts pushing the boundaries of human exploration and contributing to scientific breakthroughs that benefit all of humanity.

The world watches with anticipation as the Axiom 3 mission prepares for its historic launch. If all goes according to plan, this voyage will mark another big leap for humankind, solidifying the role of private enterprises in shaping the future of space exploration.

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