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Recapping the Unforgettable GITEX Global 2023 Experience


Dubai successfully hosted one of its most anticipated tech events – GITEX Global 2023. 

When and Where?

Starting on 16th October and concluding today on 20th October, Dubai is transformed into a tech centre, hosting a five-day event full of the best and brightest tech in the world. The event is usually hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, but this year, an integral part also occurred at the Dubai Harbour. Reports suggest that approximately 180,000 attendees are reported for the event. 

Sessions and Workshops 

This year’s GITEX Global 2023 presented an impressive lineup of workshops and sessions featuring over 6,000+ companies, 1,400+ speakers, 170+ countries and 40+ workshops. These sessions received great appreciation and offered attendees a unique opportunity to understand and analyze the latest tech trends. It covered 41 exhibition halls that span over 2.7 million square feet, showcasing the newest inventions in artificial intelligence, cyber security, mobility, and sustainable tech. The event also hosted the successful Expand North Star, featuring 1,800 startups from over 100 countries.

Key Shows of GITEX Global 2023

Below are some of the critical events that took place in this year’s GITEX Global:

Expand North Star: 

GITEX Global 2023’s flagship startup event offered opportunities to attract funding from almost 1000 big tech organizations and a chance to win cash prizes. 

AI Everything: 

A platform for UAE Minister of State for AI, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications to initiate collaboration between internal and external government officials and C-suite executives

Global DevSlam:

The developer’s event featured workshops on Python, Java, DevOps, AI, ML, Kubernetes, Full stack development, automation, API, cloud and much more.

Future Urbanism:

A new addition to GITEX Global 2023, which focused on sustainable development, climate tech, and innovations in climate finance. 

GITEX Impact:

The most significant part of GITEX Global 2023 presented an extraordinary lineup of innovative experiences and activities that can reshape everyone’s perception of the future. The following activity partners were involved:

  • Football Frenzy: Attendees dived into sports tech, showing their football skills through AI analysis and coaching. 
  • Go Go AI Van Gogh: A digital replica of Van Gogh for the first time in the region for the attendees to communicate. AI scanned Van Gogh’s manuscripts and brought his personality back to life.
  • Words to Art: Attendees were given the experience of becoming a digital artist by turning their words into art using this AI application.
  • AI Escape Reality: Attendees challenged their intellect in a virtual escape, carefully crafted using generative AI that allowed participants to escape the bounds of reality.
  • Mech Life: Inside a Mech in Phantom Galaxies, attendees battled through galaxies and transcended familiar landscapes. 
  • Boxing and Beats: Dancing and punching became an exciting experience in Box to the Beat, the first-ever game launched on PS5 by the UAE.
  • Race Dubai: Participants took control of the steering wheel and raced through the digital replica of Dubai.
  • Steerverse: Attendees witnessed magnificent vehicles up close and in person, burying themselves in an exclusive member-only metaverse.
  • Take a Beat: Attendees were relaxed as AI created custom playlists based on participant’s emotions.
  • Welltok: Amidst the show’s hustle, attendees found peace, guided by unique meditation headbands that led them to relaxation.

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