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North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile, As a Show of Force!


North Korea fires ballistic missiles as Kim showcases the nation’s military prowess!

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, has overseen live-fire drills involving newly developed “super-large” multiple rocket launchers. This development comes just a day after South Korea and Japan reported North Korea’s launch of several short-range ballistic missiles, marking its first such test in approximately two months.

Testing “Real War Capabilities”

According to the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the drills aimed to assess the “real war capabilities” of these 600-millimeter (23-inch) multiple rocket launchers. The exercises also included simulating an aerial detonation of a shell at a predetermined altitude above the target. KCNA reported that the drills showcased the “excellent crack-shot artillery marksmanship and prompt and thorough combat readiness” of North Korean forces.

Kim Jong Emphasizes on North Korea Fires Ballistic Missile

Kim Jong Un, who has overseen numerous weapons tests in recent years as part of his military modernization program, highlighted the role of these rocket launchers as the “core central striking means” in war preparations. According to KCNA, Kim addressed the troops, stating that North Korea’s “destructive offensive means” should be further strengthened to “block and suppress the possibility of war” by maintaining constant readiness to “collapse the capital of the enemy and the structure of its military forces.”

South Korea’s military confirmed the launch of “multiple short-range ballistic missiles” by North Korea on Monday. It’s important to note that North Korea is prohibited from testing ballistic missiles under longstanding sanctions imposed due to its nuclear weapons program. Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul, offered his situation analysis via email comments. He suggested that the “Kim regime’s one-upmanship” aims to achieve three goals:

  1. Demonstrate strength to its citizens.
  2. Highlight the potential security risks on the Korean Peninsula associated with South Korea’s international security cooperation efforts.
  3. Warn Washington against increasing pressure on North Korea.

Kim’s Public Display and Escalating Tensions

Images released by North Korean state media showed Kim Jong Un, dressed in a black leather jacket, observing the rocket launcher drills alongside his generals. In one photo, he appears to be celebrating the apparent success of the tests by raising his fist in the air.

North Korea has altered its inter-Korean policies in recent years. This includes scrapping a military agreement with South Korea, declaring South Korea a hostile state, and increasing weapons testing activities. These activities include launching a submarine, putting its first spy satellite into orbit, and ramping up its rhetoric surrounding war preparedness.

South Korea’s Defense Minister, Shin Won-sik, addressed the threat these multiple rocket launchers posed. He stated that if North Korea launches a large number of conventional missiles against South Korea, it would constitute “war” and trigger a robust retaliatory response. Monday’s “North Korea fires ballistic missile” test marks its second such test this year. In January, North Korea launched a missile equipped with what it claimed to be a versatile hypersonic warhead.

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