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New ORA 03 EV Launched in Pakistan Under Sazgar Engineering


The Pakistani automotive field is experiencing a shift as Sazgar Engineering, known for bringing popular Chinese brands like Haval to the country, introduces the ORA 03 electric vehicle (EV). This marks a new development, not only for Sazgar but also for increasing a more comprehensive range of electric mobility in Pakistan. Let’s delve into the details of this exciting launch and explore its potential impact on the field.

Sazgar’s Efforts Toward Electrifying Pakistan

Sazgar has made a reputation for being at the forefront of automotive innovation in Pakistan. Their journey began with assembling and selling popular Haval SUVs like the H6 and Jolion. Notably, they were also the first to introduce a locally made hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) – the Haval H6 HEV – demonstrating their commitment to sustainable mobility solutions for everyone.

With the launch of the ORA 03, Sazgar takes another bold step towards advancing the automobile industry in Pakistan. Mr. Mian Asad Hameed, CEO of Sazgar Engineering, emphasized their strategic vision and suggested that with the introduction of the ORA 03, the EV industry in Pakistan will start on a new journey. This launch reflects Sazgar’s commitment to sustainability and aligns with the government’s vision for promoting electric mobility.

The ORA 03: A Stylish and Feature-Packed EV

The ORA 03, also known as the Good Cat or ORA GT in other markets, is a subcompact electric hatchback produced by GWM, Haval’s parent company. It contains a shiny and modern design, attracting attention with its retro-futuristic aesthetics. Beyond its looks, the ORA 03 also has impressive features:

  • Range: Depending on the variant, the ORA 03 offers a driving range of up to 401 kilometers on a single charge, addressing range anxiety concerns.
  • Performance: It runs with a 163-horsepower electric motor, providing a dynamic driving experience.
  • Technology: Packed with advanced features like a panoramic sunroof, an extensive touchscreen infotainment system, and driver-assistance technologies, the ORA 03 promises a comfortable and connected journey.
  • Safety: Euro NCAP awarded a five-star safety rating; the ORA 03 prioritizes passenger safety.
  • Pricing: Sazgar has priced the ORA 03 EV in Pakistan at PKR 89.99 lac ($32K estimated)
Interior Ora 03

Initial Launch and Future Prospects

While currently offered as a completely built-up (CBU) unit, Sazgar has expressed plans for local assembly, signifying their long-term commitment to the ORA 03 and the EV market in Pakistan. The initial response has been positive, with bookings expected to commence soon and deliveries anticipated within the next few months.

Impact on the Pakistani EV Market

The arrival of the ORA 03 is expected to significantly impact the Pakistani EV market, which is still in its developing stages. The competitive price point, modern features, and attractive design make the ORA 03 a compelling option for potential EV buyers. This launch could act as a catalyst, encouraging other manufacturers to enter the segment and stimulating the growth of charging infrastructure, ultimately accelerating the adoption of electric mobility in Pakistan.

Challenges and Opportunities with the Production

Despite the positive outlook, challenges with the production of ORA 03 remain. Lack of charging infrastructure and consumer awareness about EVs creates hurdles. However, government initiatives aimed at promoting EVs, combined with the efforts of companies like Sazgar, might be a helpful way towards paving the way for a brighter future of EV.

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The launch of the ORA 03 by Sazgar Engineering signifies a growing commitment to electric mobility and offers exciting possibilities for a cleaner and more sustainable future. While challenges exist, the combined efforts of the government, industry players, and consumers can make the way for a thriving EV ecosystem in Pakistan. The ORA 03 symbolizes progress, innovation, and a glimpse into the future of transportation in Pakistan.

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