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New Haval H6 Hybrid: Built to Last, Built to Impress


In an innovative demonstration of confidence, Haval, an auxiliary of GWM, has taken an extraordinary step to put forward the definitive endurance of their vehicles. The decisive move involved fully dismantling a Haval H6 Hybrid that had met a whopping 51,886 km under several driving conditions, from busiest urban traffic to rugged filth roads and highways across Brazil.

No Check and Balance

This experiment is different from others because a hands-off policy maintains this vehicle. The Haval H6 Hybrid has undergone no maintenance or checking since it was rolled off the assembly line. This was innovative because not even a single drop of engine oil was used, and no air filters were changed or modified in its journey. This led to the long durability and validity of vehicles.

The Heart of Haval H6 Hybrid

At the core of the Haval H6 Hybrid lies a robust design: a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine welded with an electric motor and a battery, generating impressively about 179kW and 530 Nm. This energy powerhouse channels exclusively to the front wheels through a specialized “two-speed dedicated hybrid transmission,” putting forward Haval’s cutting-edge engineering model.

Dismantling the Wonder 

A technology expert, Fabio Fukuda, armed with over 23 years of experience, carefully dissected the H6 Hybrid over three extreme days. Every nook and cranny underwent a survey, from spark plugs to interior finishing. Fukuda’s skilled hands revealed minimal management, a testament to the vehicle’s enduring strength.

The dissection unmasked remarkable findings, including the original polishing marks on cylinders, an unpolluted turbocharger indicating a healthy oil system, and an indifferent, well-marked suspension system. Particularly noticeable was the braking system – often a point of concern for high-space vehicles – which exhibited almost no wear thanks to the Haval H6 Hybrid’s reviving brake system.

Impressive Interior Examination

Looking into the interior, Fukuda admired the system beneath the seats and carpets. This cleanliness was allocated to the Haval H6 HEV’s superior door and window seals, putting forward the brand’s unshaken commitment to quality and durability.

Haval’s Turning Point Towards Future

This disassembly proved Haval’s spirit and marked a defining moment in the automotive industry. It showed Haval’s determination to stand toe-to-toe with global giants, setting a new standard for strength, durability, and engineering distinction. 

As the dismantled Haval H6 Hybrid stands as a symbol of un-shattering endurance, it also points towards a future where new and technical engineering meets everlasting mobility. This bold adventure indicates a new decade in which the vehicle holds people’s trust. Haval’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible showcases their faith in meeting and increasing their customers’ expectations.

Global Prototype Shift 

Beyond the confusion of this meticulous disassembly lies a vast message — a global prototype shift. Haval’s achievement isn’t just a victory for the brand but for all the users. It challenges the differences and prejudices that have long covered Chinese automotive excellence. In a world increasingly defined by innovation and flexibility, Haval emerges as a path for a new world, inviting the world to see where true quality and endurance lie.

Haval introduces quality connections through eye-catching advertisements and an unchangeable demonstration of the automobile’s core integrity. Haval H6 Hybrid achievement establishes a new standard — one where quality isn’t a marketing slogan but a fundamental characteristic which could be sensed in every bolt, every wire, and every part of the automobile.

With this innovative experiment, Haval has embarked on a journey on Brazil’s paths and into customers’ hearts and minds worldwide. Each kilometer the Haval H6 Hybrid covers shows an unaltered promise of reliability, durability, and belief. As it undertakes the 51,886 km journey, it also undertakes a mission to build trust, one kilometer at a time, rewriting the narrative of owning a vehicle in the classical and modern world. Haval has established an era where transparency, innovation and reliability go hand-in-hand, setting a benchmark for the industry.

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