Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Instagram Reels Video 2023 Outperforms All Other Platforms


Social media is a constantly evolving landscape, and how users consume and interact with content is changing rapidly. As we move on to 2024, it’s noteworthy that only one platform reigns successfully among all video-sharing platforms, Instagram, because of the feature of Instagram Reels Video 2023. According to a new report by customer engagement platform Emplifi, Instagram Reels outperformed all other types of video content for advertisers in 2023, including those on TikTok and Facebook.

Longer Reels Bring Bigger Reach

Emplifi’s data analysis of video performance across thousands of brand-owned social media accounts revealed some interesting insights for gaining more reach and engagement:

  • Longer Reels Mostly Wins: Unlike the typical short-form video format, Instagram Reels exceeding 90 seconds generated more than double the median video views compared to TikTok videos. In fact, longer Reels outperformed all other Reel lengths on Instagram, with short Reels (under 30 seconds) earning 6,145 average views and medium-length Reels (30- to 90-second) gaining an average of 7,830 views.
  • Changing User Behavior: This trend suggests a shift in user behavior, with audiences spending more time engaged with longer videos. This presents a profitable opportunity for brands to create compelling and informative content that keeps viewers engaged and attention-grabbing.
  • Instagram prioritizes Reels: The critical difference in views between branded Instagram Reels and branded TikTok content is likely due to Instagram’s huge push to promote Reels on the platform.

Instagram Reels Video 2023 vs Instagram Story 2017

While Reels dominate the video landscape, they haven’t wholly dethroned the beloved feature of Instagram Story. Emplifi’s data shows that:

  • Reels outperform Stories in reach despite being posted less frequently. Instagram Reels deliver six times the reach of Instagram Stories.
  • However, brands favor stories and continue to post five times more Stories than Reels. This might be due to the perceived ease of creating multiple stories as compared to Reels.

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Key Takeaways for Brands

Emplifi’s CMO, Zarnaz Arlia, highlights the key takeaways for brands in 2024 to increase their reach and ultimately grow their platform:

  • Untapped potential in Reels: While Reels deliver impressive results, many brands still need to embrace this new format fully. A significant account growth opportunity exists for those willing to invest in creating high-quality Reels.
  • Rethink video strategy: Brands should reconsider their content strategy on Instagram and Facebook, prioritizing Reels’s accurate formats and guidelines for maximizing reach and engagement.
  • Longer videos can be winners: Be bold in creating longer Reels. The data suggests audiences are receptive to compelling content beyond the typical 15-30-second format.

The Future of Video Marketing

As video content continues dominating social media consumption, the Instagram Reels video 2023 feature has emerged as a powerful tool for brands. By understanding user behavior, platform algorithms, and content preferences, brands can use the Reels feature to increase and promote their reach, engagement, and success. So, readjust your creative hats and reel in your audience in 2024!

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