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How and Where are the Rare Blue Lobster Found?


The vibrant hues of the Cornish coastline were recently increased by an even more extraordinary sight – a rare blue lobster. Chris Puckey, a fisherman from the area, made an exceptional catch last Sunday when he pulled up a lobster that has an electric blue carapace, or top shell, in one of his pots near Polperro.

The Tale of Blue Lobster

This lobster’s peculiar coloring is thought to be the result of a genetic abnormality. Zoology specialists at the University of Oxford claim that this abnormality causes an excess of a specific protein, which is what gives the lobster its beautiful blue color. One in two million is said to have an extremely low chance of encountering such a species.

When Mr. Puckey discovered this amazing find, he worked with Polperro fishmonger Jacqueline Spencer to figure out what was best for the blue lobster. Their main worry was making sure this particular marine would continue to be well.  “We were worried that the lobster might get caught again in another pot,” Ms. Spencer explained. “There was also a risk of it being consumed by another lobster.”

Mr. Puckey and Ms. Spencer made an excellent decision to give the blue lobster to a local aquarium, motivated by their wish to protect this uncommon animal. By doing this, the lobster will have a safe haven where it may live out its days without fear of being eaten. The outer covering of the blue lobster measured more than 87 millimeters, which is more than the minimum size needed to release lobsters back into the ocean. As a result, Mr. Puckey was able to lawfully retain the lobster and eventually give it to the aquarium.

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The discovery of this blue lobster has captured the attention of marine life enthusiasts throughout the globe, in addition to the local Cornwall community. These fascinating animals provide an important reminder of the incredible biodiversity found in our seas. University of Plymouth marine researcher Dr. Sarah Jones said, “These rare blue lobsters are a fascinating example of how genetic variations can manifest in the natural world. Their vibrant coloration not only adds a touch of wonder to the marine environment but also provides valuable insights for scientific research.” 

The blue lobster is an important reminder of the value of marine conservation efforts, even if it may be an uncommon find. Globally, overfishing and habitat degradation represent severe challenges to lobster stocks. Dr. Michael Chen, a conservation biologist with the Marine Stewardship Council, underlined that “sustainable fishing practices are crucial for protecting lobster populations, including these rare blue variations. By implementing responsible fishing methods and safeguarding marine habitats, we can ensure the continued resilience and beauty of our oceans.”

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The discovery of the rare blue lobster off the Cornish coast is a captivating encounter with the wonders of the natural world. This unique discovery not only demonstrates the astounding variety of marine life but also emphasizes how essential responsible behavior is to maintaining the health and vitality of our seas.

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