Saturday, May 25, 2024

Google Unveils New AI Features for Education at Bett 2024


Google unveiled new AI features for education that were a significant hit at Bett 2024, a leading education technology conference. The new features are designed to address challenges in modern education and the usage of AI in the classrooms. A key focus of this new feature by Google was the responsible usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for educators.

Empowering Educators by Use of AI Features for Education

Educators can use Duet AI, a built-in AI tool within Workspace applications, to brainstorm lesson plans, generate visuals for presentations, and develop project plans. Streamlining workflows, a new Resources tab of AI in the Classroom allows educators to create, manage, and share interactive lessons from a central location. Classroom analytics provide educators with valuable insights into student learning, such as assignment completion rates and grade trends. Additionally, a new eSignature feature simplifies contract management within Google Workspace.

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Enhancing Student Engagement and Assessment

Engagement and assessment advancements include interactive video activities where students answer questions within assigned YouTube videos and receive real-time feedback. AI-powered question suggestions are also coming soon. Practice Sets powered by AI allow educators to create interactive lessons where students can showcase their work, get immediate feedback, and access teacher-approved resources. Student group creation within Google Classroom, a highly requested feature, will be available soon, facilitating differentiated content customized to each group’s needs. Educators can also pre-record presentations with speaker spotlight and recording capabilities in Slides or utilize the enhanced editing tools in Chromebooks’ Screencast feature to create engaging content for students.

Looking towards a more connected and inclusive learning ecosystem, students will soon be able to view upcoming Google Classroom assignments directly on their Chromebook home screens. East Workspace integration with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tools will allow students and educators using Canvas and PowerSchool Schoology Learning to access Google Meet directly within their Learning Management System (LMS). Time-saving SIS integrations will enable educators to export grades from Classroom to SIS gradebooks and set up classes with partner systems. The App Hub, available in over ten languages later this year, will allow educators to discover relevant apps and add-ons that integrate with Chromebooks and Google Workspace. Additionally, new partners are joining the app licensing program, empowering admins with simplified app management.

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Finally, Google’s new AI features for education are committed to building a more accessible learning environment. Screen reader users can now utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on ChromeOS to extract text from PDFs. Reading mode in Chrome browser is also upgraded with new features to improve student comprehension.

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