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Can Ford EV Use Tesla Supercharger to Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning Models


There is a new shift in the electric vehicle (EV) industry as the question arises: can Ford EV use Tesla Supercharger Ford has officially launched access to Tesla Superchargers for its Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning models. This unique collaboration marks the first time a non-Tesla automaker has offered its customers the ability to utilize Tesla’s huge network of fast-charging stations, significantly expanding charging options and addressing a major concern for potential EV buyers – range anxiety.

Free CCS to NACS Adapter for a Limited Time

To enable charging at Tesla Superchargers, Ford is providing a complimentary CCS to NACS adapter to existing and new Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning owners enrolled in the BlueOval Charge Network. This limited-time offer, valid from February 29, 2024, to June 30, 2024, reduces the barrier to entry for those considering these Ford EVs. After the offer period, the adapter will be available for purchase at a retail price of $230.

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Key Points On How can Ford EV use Tesla Supercharger

  • Eligible vehicles: 2024 and later Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning models.
  • Free adapter offer: Valid until June 30, 2024.
  • Retail price after offer: $230.
  • How to claim: Log in to the Ford website with your Ford account, confirm your vehicle identification number (VIN), and be enrolled in the free BlueOval Charge Network.

Adapter Functionality and Limitations

  • Supported Superchargers: Only compatible with Tesla V3 Superchargers, not the older V2 version.
  • Charging speed: Supports the full 150kW fast charging capability of the Mach-E and Lightning.
  • Tesla Destination Chargers: Not compatible (these are slower chargers typically found at hotels and other locations).
  • Limited access: Some Tesla V3 Superchargers may be reserved exclusively for Tesla vehicles.
  • Plug & Charge: Supported for automatic charging initiation, simplifying the process for Ford EV drivers.

Additional Information:

FordPass App:

Use the app to locate supported Tesla Superchargers or manually activate charging sessions if not enrolled in Plug & Charge.

Tesla app:

Not required for using Tesla Superchargers with the Ford adapter.

Software update:

Ford is gradually rolling out a software update to Mach-E and Lightning vehicles to enable Tesla Supercharger compatibility.

BlueOval Charge Network:

Ford claims to operate the largest public charging network in North America, having over 126,000 chargers across 35,000 locations, including over 28,000 DC fast chargers. This extensive network, combined with access to Tesla Superchargers, provides Ford EV owners with a comprehensive charging infrastructure.

The answer of can Ford EV use Tesla Supercharger comes with the collaboration between Ford and Tesla represents a step toward the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. By offering access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network, Ford directly addresses a major concern for potential EV buyers, increasing range anxiety and making electric vehicles a more attractive option for a wider range of consumers. This move is likely to position Ford as a more competitive player in the rapidly growing EV market, contributing to the overall acceleration of electric vehicle adoption and a more sustainable future.

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