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PRIMER-V2: The Bicycle Riding Robot with Unique Capabilities


Imagine a bicycle riding robot gracefully directing handlebars and balancing with unreal human-like skills. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the remarkable accomplishment of PRIMER-V2, a Japanese robot developed by roboticist Masahiko Yamaguchi, also known as Dr. Guero.

PRIMER-V2’s claim to fame isn’t just riding a bike; it’s how it does it. Unlike robotic cyclists tied to pre-programmed paths, PRIMER-V2 navigates with impressive autonomy, mimicking human behavior remarkably well. Let us delve deeper into the fascinating specs, features, and potential of this new robot on bike.

Human-like Bicycle Riding Robot

These bicycle riding robots are designed with specific powers and technicalities that help them ride bikes like humans. These specifications are as follows;

  • Pedaling Power: PRIMER-V2’s custom-made fixed-gear bike is set in motion by the robot’s feet, pedaling at variable speeds like a human cyclist. No fancy motors or external assistance is involved in this bicycle riding robot.
  • Handlebar: PRIMER-V2 grips the handlebars with its hands, turning them to navigate and adjust for balance, mirroring the actions of a human bike rider.
  • Balancing Act: Staying upright on two wheels is essential, and PRIMER-V2 achieves this through a clever combination of factors:
    • Gyroscopic Grace: The front wheel’s built-in gyroscopic effect provides a natural stabilizing force.
    • Sensor Smarts: A built-in gyroscope sensor detects the robot’s tilt, and a PID controller calculates real-time steering adjustments to maintain balance.
    • Leaning Like a Pro: PRIMER-V2 leans into turns for added stability and control like a human cyclist.
  • Braking Basics: Stopping power comes from the feet as well. By lifting them off the pedals and dragging them on the ground, the PRIMER-V2 robot on bike effectively slows down as a pro cyclist.

Technical Capabilities of Bicycle Riding Robot

With the evolution of robots like Optimus Humanoid, the world is emerging as an advanced landscape Let’s briefly discuss the technical capabilities of this robot on bike and how it works.

  • Bipedal Base: PRIMER-V2’s foundation is the commercially available KHR-3HV, a bipedal robot platform modified for cycling. This gives it a well-established base for locomotion and balance.
  • Brainpower in a Backpack: A custom-built backpack houses the control unit, packing a robust control for real-time calculations and decision-making. This ensures smooth and responsive movements while riding.
  • Speed Monster: While still under development, PRIMER-V2 can reach up to 10 kilometers per hour, which is respectable for a robotic cyclist.

What Goes Beyond the Biking Skills?

PRIMER-V2’s importance extends beyond its impressive bicycle riding robot skills. It represents a significant leap forward in robot locomotion and control, opening doors to exciting possibilities in various fields like:

  • Search and Rescue: Imagine agile robots like PRIMER-V2 navigating disaster zones or remote areas on bikes, reaching places inaccessible to traditional vehicles.
  • Delivery Revolution: Autonomous bicycle deliveries could become a reality in urban environments, with robots like PRIMER-V2 zipping through traffic to deliver packages efficiently.
  • Entertainment Galore: Bicycle riding robot shows, races, or even robot couriers? The possibilities for entertainment and amusement are endless with this innovation.

A Company with Vision

The mastermind behind PRIMER-V2 is RoboGarage, a Japanese company founded by Dr. Guero in 2005. Driven by a passion for robotics and innovation, RoboGarage focuses on developing robots that interact meaningfully with the natural world. PRIMER-V2 is a testament to their dedication and vision, pushing the boundaries of what robots can achieve.

Is PRIMER-V2 Still Relevant?

While initial demonstrations of PRIMER-V2 were showcased in 2011, the project continues to evolve. Dr. Guero and his team constantly refine the robot’s hardware and software, improving its balance, agility, and obstacle-avoidance capabilities. In 2021, new videos showcased PRIMER-V2 navigating more complex environments and handling tighter turns, demonstrating continued progress.

PRIMER-V2 isn’t just a robot on bike; it’s a symbol of advancement in robotics, a testament to human brilliance, and a glimpse into a future where robots smoothly integrate with our world. From search and rescue to entertainment, the potential of bicycle riding robot is vast and exciting. As RoboGarage continues to develop and refine PRIMER-V2, one thing is sure: this two-wheeled robot will keep pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible.

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