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Ascento Autonomous Security Robots Secure $4.3 Million Funds


It’s not a Robocop, but a Friendly Security Partner. While the name “Ascento Robotics” might create images of the imposing Robocop, the Swiss startup’s autonomous security robots are very different from anything created before. Instead, they’re designed to be the friendly eyes and ears of human security teams, patrolling outdoor areas and alerting them to potential threats.

From a Student Project to a Real-World Application

Founded by Alessandro Morra, Miguel de la Iglesia Valls, Ciro Salzmann, and Dominik Mannhart, Ascento’s robots were born from the founders’ experiences working in security during their student days. Witnessing the repetitive nature and harsh working conditions firsthand, they saw an opportunity for automation. They created this fantastic robot that walks on wheels and can even climb stairs with wheels.

Autonomous Security Robots Patrol

These autonomous security robots can protect Warehouses, Factories, and More. Ascento’s robots are built to navigate different outdoor territories, making them ideal for patrolling large warehouses, industrial plants, and pharmaceutical sites. They autonomously patrol these areas, reporting back to human security personnel if they detect intruders, open doors, or any other suspicious activity in their areas. Ascento’s robots are also designed to be weatherproof and operate in diverse outdoor environments so that no minor inconvenience can stop them.

Solving the Security Industry’s Staffing Crisis

The security industry faces a lot of staffing shortages from time to time, with data suggesting a global shortfall of nearly half the required workforce. Ascento’s robots offer a solution to this crisis by taking over repetitive patrol tasks, freeing up human guards for more complex duties.

Source: Ascento | Next Gen Security Robot | Ascento Guard

Proven Technology, Ready for Expansion

Ascento’s journey began as a student project at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Since its official launch in 2022, the company has secured several customers in Switzerland and deployed robots that have collectively patrolled over 3,000 kilometres, establishing its good name.

Leasing Model Makes Robots on Wheels Accessible 

To minimize upfront costs for customers, Ascento offers a leasing model. They charge per robot on an hourly basis, with rates calculated based on the cost of human guards in the deployment location. Operating costs can be nearly halved compared to human guards, depending on the specific deployment details.

Increasing Up Production with $4.3 Million Funding

Having demonstrated the effectiveness of its technology, Ascento is now focused on growing and promoting its business. Recently, the company has been exploring partnerships with security companies to offer their robots as part of integrated security solutions. This recent seed funding round, led by Wingman Ventures and Playfair, with participation from angel investors, will fuel their growth and advancement. This investment will also help the company expand in more fields, like the latest Tiny Surveyor Robot.

Insights of the Investors

Pascal Mathis, the founding partner at Wingman Ventures, highlights their year-long collaboration with the Ascento team before investing. “We look forward to making the life of security guards easier and the objects they protect safer,” he states. Playfair’s managing partner, Chris Smith, emphasizes the growing role of robotics in solving complex challenges and performing daily human tasks. 

“Many of the world’s most pressing business challenges cannot be solved by software alone,” he says, “We see the next decade as providing a huge opportunity for companies building in robotics to solve these challenges.” The $4.3 million raised will expand Ascento’s robot fleet and invest in sales and marketing efforts. “We think technology can make a huge difference to the security industry, but there’s so much work to do,” concludes Morra, expressing the company’s commitment to transforming the autonomous security landscape.

Future robot production may incorporate additional features like object recognition and enhanced communication capabilities. But for now, Ascento Robotics represents a promising step towards a future where autonomous security robots can collaborate with humans to enhance security and safety in various industries.

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