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Apple Eyes Google Gemini for iPhone Upcoming Version


In a surprising turn of events, Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to potentially integrate Google’s powerful artificial intelligence engine, Google Gemini, for iPhone. This news, reported by Bloomberg on March 25, 2024, has created a wave of excitement in the tech industry.

Details About Google Gemini for iPhone

According to the report, the discussions revolve around licensing Gemini for specific AI functionalities planned for the upcoming iPhone software update, iOS 18. While the exact terms, branding, and implementation details remain undecided, a potential agreement could be unveiled during Apple’s annual developer conference in June 2024.

The report further suggests that Apple has also explored utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, indicating the company’s serious aim of enhancing its AI offerings.

Market Reactions and Implications

News of the collaboration has sparked positive reactions in the stock market. Alphabet, Google’s parent company, witnessed a significant jump of over 6% in early US trading, while Apple’s shares also rose by 2.5%.

A deal between Apple and Google could have far-reaching consequences like:

  • Boosting Google’s AI Reach: Integration with iPhones would introduce Gemini to over 2 billion active Apple devices, expanding Google’s AI user base. This could help Google close the gap and give a solid challenge to Microsoft-backed OpenAI, a significant competitor in the AI race.
  • Addressing Apple’s AI Concerns: For Apple, incorporating Gemini could address investor anxieties regarding the company’s perceived slow progress in AI development. This collaboration could also accelerate the rollout of innovative AI features on iPhones.
  • Countering Search Dominance Threats: The tie-up might be strategically beneficial for Google, as AI advancements like ChatGPT pose a threat to its search dominance. By integrating with iPhones, Google could maintain its search engine leadership.
  • Regulatory Analysis: However, such a partnership could also attract heightened scrutiny from regulators. Google is already facing an antitrust lawsuit in the US for allegedly hindering competition by paying Apple to maintain its search engine monopoly on iPhones.

Expert Opinions Upon Gemini Integration in iPhone

Analysts believe this collaboration could be a win-win situation for both companies. Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush, views this as a “missing piece” in Apple’s AI strategy while also highlighting the potential financial benefits for Google.

This news comes in the middle of Google’s ongoing efforts to expand Gemini’s adoption and usage by the audience. In January 2024, Google partnered with Apple’s rival, Samsung, to integrate Gemini into the Galaxy S24 smartphone series.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously acknowledged the company’s significant investment in generative AI technology. While Apple plans to utilize its own AI models for certain functionalities in iOS 18, the talks with Google suggest a new focus on leveraging Gemini for specific AI features, such as image generation and essay writing based on user prompts.

The expected integration of Google Gemini for iPhone will create considerable developments in the field of smartphone AI. With Apple and Google joining forces, users can expect a future with more advanced and user-friendly AI functionalities on their iPhones.

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