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Aitana Lopez: Amazing AI Model Challenges Human Influencers


Aitana Lopez, a 25-year-old AI-generated model created by the Spanish agency The Clueless, is a virtual influencer with her vibrant pink hair and captivating personality. She has amassed over 191K followers on Instagram. She generates substantial revenue through brand collaborations, sponsorships, and her Fanvue account.

The Clueless AI

The Clueless is a Spanish modelling agency that specializes in AI models. They carefully design a diverse range of AI models, each with its unique personality. The agency’s first AI model, Aitana Lopez, was created in 2023 and has since become a famous influencer. The Clueless believes that AI models have the potential to change the modelling industry, and they are committed to creating high-quality AI models that are both beautiful and intelligent.

The Birth of Aitana Lopez

Aitana’s origins can be traced back to the moment of frustration for her creator, designer Ruben Cruz. Tired of dealing with the egos, unreliability, and unnecessary demands of human influencers, Cruz thought of creating a model that was always on time, professional, and always willing to work. Thus, the Aitana AI model was born, a perfect model of Cruz’s vision for a dependable and cost-effective influencer.

Aitana’s Appeal

With her flawless appearance, outgoing personality, and passion for fitness, Aitana AI model quickly captured the hearts of her social media audience. Her carefully monitored feed, showcasing her adventures, workouts, and fashion choices, has connected with followers, making her a search-after partner for brands seeking to engage with a young and trendy demographic.

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The AI Influencer Experiment

The success of Aitana Lopez has highlighted a wave of interest in AI influencers, with many brands and agencies recognizing the potential of these virtual models to change the marketing industry. AI influencers offer several advantages over their human counterparts, including consistent availability, adaptability to various campaigns, and the ability to generate content around the clock.

Impact of AI Influencer

The rise of AI influencers has raised some concerns about their future impact on society. Critics argue that the unrealistic perfection portrayed by these virtual models could exacerbate body image issues and promote unrealistic beauty standards among younger generations. Additionally, the highly sexualized nature of some AI influencer content has raised concerns about its potential objectification of women.

Aitana’s Earnings

Aitana’s income is generated through a variety of sources, including brand collaborations, sponsorships, and her Fanvue account.

  • Aitana AI model earns up to €10,000 per month, which is approximately $11,300.
  • On average, she earns around €3,000 monthly, approximately $3,400.

Despite the concerns and objections, it is evident that AI influencers are here to stay, and Aitana Lopez is at the forefront of this trend. Her success demonstrates the growing acceptance of virtual models and their potential to transform the influencer marketing world. As AI technology advances, we can expect to see even more sophisticated and engaging AI influencers emerge in the years to come.

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