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With VeinViewer NIR Tech Guides to Perfect PIVC Selection


Peripheral intravenous (PIVC) catheters are the powerhouse of medical care, providing vital access to fluid and medication administration. Selecting the right PIVC size, however, is a delicate task. While experienced clinicians depend on visual cues and noticeable judgment, subjectivity and human error can play a role, leading to poor choices and potential complications. This is where veinviewer’s CathCompass™ is used, a groundbreaking technology from Christie Medical Holdings shining a light on this critical decision, transforming the landscape of PIVC selection from an art form to a precise science.

Dissecting the Darkness with NIR Technology

VeinViewer leverages near-infrared (NIR) light, a gentle wavelength invisible to the human eye, to illuminate the hidden structure beneath the skin. This light penetrates tissue, highlighting the delicate network of veins. But CathCompass™ reveals this structure with a purpose. The projector overlays a color-coded map onto the illuminated vasculature, each color corresponding to a specific PIVC size range:

  • Emerald Green: Inducing catheters of 16G to 18G gauge for more prominent veins.
  • Sunlit Yellow: This warm glow pinpoints medium-sized veins, welcoming 20G to 22G gauges.
  • Fiery Orange: A cautionary flame guiding clinicians towards smaller veins suited for gauges 24G and beyond.

By simply matching the vein’s color to the corresponding map, healthcare professionals can choose the optimal PIVC size for successful insertion and effective fluid delivery. This color-coded guidance eliminates guesswork and subjectivity, transforming PIVC selection from a guessing game to a well-lit journey toward clinical success.

Benefits of VeinViewer

With the evolution of technology, the medical field is becoming more and more reliable, converging tech and science together. The impact of Veinviewer CathCompass™ extends far beyond simply illuminating veins. It showcases a variety of benefits for both healthcare professionals and patients:

For Clinicians:

  • Flawless First Attempts: The color-coded map significantly increases the first-attempt success rate, minimizing needle sticks and patient discomfort.
  • Confidence in Every Choice: CathCompass™ equips clinicians, exceptionally less experienced, with the visual support they need to make informed decisions and approach PIVC selection with newfound confidence.
  • A Shield Against Complications: Choosing the right PIVC size reduces the risk of infiltration (leakage of fluids into surrounding tissue) and phlebitis (vein inflammation), protecting patient comfort and clinical outcomes.
  • Cost-Effective Care: Accurate PIVC selection minimizes the need for multiple insertion attempts and associated complications, translating to cost savings for healthcare institutions.

For Patients:

  • Reduced Pain and Anxiety: Fewer needle sticks and smoother PIVC insertions mean less discomfort and a calmer patient experience.
  • Enhanced Safety: Minimizing the risk of complications like infiltration and phlebitis leads to improved patient safety and overall well-being.
  • Confidence in their Care: Seeing healthcare professionals utilize a sophisticated tool like VeinViewer can promote a sense of trust and confidence in patients, knowing they are receiving optimal care.

Design and Power of VeinViewer

Beyond its revolutionary approach, VeinViewer contains impressive technical specifications and features:

  • NIR Advantage: Utilizes safe and non-invasive NIR light, protecting sensitive tissue while revealing vascular networks.
  • Adaptable Illumination: Adjustable projection intensity ensures optimal visibility regardless of skin tone or ambient lighting conditions.
  • Careful Color Coding: The green, yellow, and orange color scheme provides straightforward size identification, minimizing cognitive load for clinicians.
  • Portable Precision: Compact and lightweight design allows for easy use at the bedside or in various clinical settings.
  • Built to Last: Durable construction and easy disinfection ensure long-lasting performance in demanding healthcare environments.

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About the Company

Christie Medical Holdings, Inc., a company dedicated to improving patient care through innovative medical devices, stands behind this transformative technology. With experience developing solutions for various healthcare needs, Christie Medical recognizes PIVC selection’s critical role in patient outcomes. VeinViewer embodies its commitment to advancing vascular access and IV therapy through safe, effective, and user-friendly technologies.

Veinviewer featuring CathCompass™ marks an innovative leap in PIVC selection, transcending only size choice. It ushers in a paradigm shift with standardization, aligning practices across healthcare. Its visual teaching power promotes education and skill development. Integrating with electronic health records paves the way for data-driven decisions, unlocking a future of optimized IV therapy illuminated by CathCompass™.

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