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New Runway Gen-3 Alpha | Features, Pricing & Release Date!


Prepare to ditch the storyboard and redefine the rules of filmmaking! Runway, a famous platform for AI-powered creative tools, just launched Runway Gen-3 Alpha, a game changer in the field of video creation. Gen-3 Alpha allows you to create amazingly realistic videos from scratch with just a few well-crafted phrases.

Remember the early days of AI-generated visuals? Blocky characters and blurred backgrounds were common. Well, those days have passed. Advanced tools like Sora by OpenAI and Gen-3 Alpha by Runway have majorly improved accuracy, resulting in sharp and detailed videos that rival traditional filmed content. 

How to Use Runway Gen-3 Alpha

Are you ready to take a creative step into AI-powered video creation? Here’s how to get started with Gen-3 Alpha in three easy steps:

1. Become the Director with Text-Based Prompts:

Imagine yourself as a writer creating a scene. Instead of complex editing software, you’ll use words to describe the exact film you want. Do you want a stunning aerial view shot of a breathtaking waterfall crashing down a mountain? Or perhaps a close-up of an astronaut running down a busy Rio street? Describe it to Gen-3 Alpha, and see your vision come to life.

2. Bring Your Story to Life with a Click:

Once you’ve created your ideal prompt, click Create! Select a video with a duration of up to ten seconds and click the magic button. Gen-3 Alpha will next work its AI magic to turn your words into a compelling film. All of your creations are instantly saved for quick access.

3. Reimagine with Iterations:

While you cannot directly edit the video, Runway Gen-3 Alpha does provide options for customizing your results. Experiment with your prompts, adding elements about lighting, camera angles, and even the entire atmosphere. Try fixing your prompt by utilizing “seed numbers” and ensure a constant look throughout your film.

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Features of Runway Gen-3 Alpha

Runway’s Gen-3 Alpha is a game changer for anyone looking to make spectacular videos with the power of artificial intelligence. Here’s an overview of its special features you should know:

  1. Gen-3 Alpha creates incredibly realistic and complex images, testing the limits of AI-powered content creation.
  2. Use basic text prompts to describe the video you have imagined. Want to see a lively cityscape at night? A peaceful underwater environment loaded with colorful fish? Simply explain it and Gen-3 Alpha will bring it to life.
  3. Gen-3 Alpha gives you the ability to control the style, atmosphere, and composition of your film through prompts. To fine-tune your creation, include features like lighting, camera angles, and general atmosphere.
  4. While direct video editing is not currently accessible, Gen-3 Alpha allows you to refine your findings. Experiment with different prompts, modify the “seed numbers” for a consistent style, and then iterate till you get the desired result. 

Runway Gen-3 Alpha Release

Runway announced the details of Gen-3 Alpha on 17 June 2024. And the wait is finally over! Gen-3 Alpha is launched to the public on July 1, 2024, representing a step towards the advancement of AI generation.

Runway Pricing Update

Runway offers a tiered subscription plan to serve the different needs of different customers. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you choose the right fit:

PlanPrice per User/MonthFeatures
BasicFree125 credits/month (usable for short video generation & image creation), limited features
Standard$12 (annually $144)625 credits/month, Gen-3 Alpha up to 10 seconds, upscale resolution & watermark removal for Gen-1/Gen-2 videos, unlimited video editor projects, 100GB assets, 4K video export
Pro$28 (annually $336)All Standard features + 2250 credits/month, train custom AI generators, create custom voices
Unlimited$76 (annually $912)All Pro features + unlimited video generations (Explore Mode, slower processing & limitations may apply), credits for other features

Who Can Use Runway Gen-3 Alpha?

What is the best part? Runway Gen-3 Alpha does not require any prior film knowledge. It is available to anyone with a paid Runway subscription (which starts at $12 per month). So, whether you’re a professional filmmaker trying to expand your creative horizons, a content provider looking for new images, or simply someone with a wild imagination, Gen-3 Alpha gives you a world full of possibilities.

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