Friday, July 19, 2024

What Makes the Hyundai and Amazon Partnership Unique?


Buckle up all car enthusiasts for a major change in how you buy your next Hyundai. The automaker is joining hands with Amazon in a new Hyundai and Amazon partnership to launch a unique retail program that simplifies the process of car shopping. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting collaboration.

Hyundai and Amazon Partnership

Hyundai Motor America has partnered with Amazon to establish an exciting retail program. This collaboration lets buyers view and purchase Hyundai vehicles exclusively online via a dedicated Amazon store. This is a considerable departure from the usual dealership visit, providing a familiar and trustworthy platform for car purchasing.

Launch of Hyundai Dealership Program with Amazon

While still in the pilot phase of the launch, the initiative has proven successful in big markets such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Denver. Hyundai is actively encouraging more dealerships to participate in their initiative to ensure an easy nationwide launch. However, because Amazon’s onboarding capacity is limited, not all interested dealerships can participate right away.

Benefits for Dealerships and Car Buyers

Imagine shopping for your new Hyundai from the comfort of your sofa, viewing models, and features, and possibly applying for finance – all through the familiar Amazon experience. This program provides a possibly speedier and more convenient car-buying experience than a standard dealership visit. It may also result in a larger range of vehicles to pick from at your fingertips.

Dealerships that participate in the program have access to Amazon’s large consumer base, which could increase sales chances. Hyundai notes that the initiative can also help dealerships improve their brand image by displaying them as creative and customer-focused. They become part of a simple online shopping experience, which may entice people who would not have considered Hyundai otherwise.

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Currently, the web-based service exclusively accepts cash transactions and loans from Hyundai Capital. Trade-in choices and leasing functionality are currently in development, so you may need to contact a dealership first. Additionally, dealerships are positive about future pricing issues and competition from Amazon’s third-party accessory vendors.

As Hyundai and Amazon partnership continue to refine the program, we can expect to see more details emerge in the coming months. Keep refreshing for the latest updates, as online car shopping might be closer than you think. Who knows, your dream Hyundai might just be a few clicks away on Amazon in the near future!

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